Jill Dugar and Derrick Dillard share Christmas plans and traditions

Jill and Derrick share their Christmas plans. Peak Credit: TLC

Jill Dugar and Derrick Dillard got another YouTube Q&A.

This time, it was all about Christmas, and they spent the day before Christmas perfectly.

From Santa on how they celebrate, Jill and Derrick talked about their traditions and the reasons behind some of them.

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Do Jill Dugar and Derrick Dillard Santa with their boys?

The short answer is ‘no’. Jill Dugar grew up without the magic of Santa, but Derrick Dillard kept the tradition as a child.

Both of them decided to take part in Santa, but the kids know who he is and what he is all about. They allow them to watch Christmas movies with the funny old man and also discuss with their friends that Santa is not real with their boys.

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Derrick talked to the kids about the idea of ​​not believing in the other stories they told, but it turned out. It’s not because they chose not to do it, but because it’s something he considers his next thought.

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Will they see Jill Dugar’s family?

Until now, it looked as if Jill Dugar was not part of the Duggar festival.

They discussed their plans to attend the church’s Christmas program. Jill shared a picture of the family on Instagram earlier today.

On Christmas morning they celebrate as a family of four. They open gifts and enjoy time together. Usually, they have lunch or dinner with the family later in the day

Derrick’s family will have a game-together, which they have planned. As a gift, they bought it for everyone in his family because it’s not big. There was also talk of duggers and Jill revealed that boys draw names and buy for boys, women do the same and then the kids all draw from little girls and little boys.

It is not yet clear if Jill will see her family or if there were plans for it. So far, no pictures of her presence at the crocheted sweater party or the Dogger girls party have been shared.

After a year of ups and downs, Jill Dugar and Derrick Dillard happily return to where they are. They are building a new building as a family of four and enjoying time together.

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