Jess and Larissa call Colt Johnson only to use the fan account and their photos

Colt Johnson recently announced that he would follow the same path as Lorisa’s current boyfriend Eric Nichols and launch his own account on the adult platform OnLafans.

Viewers aren’t sure who will want to see more than Colt, but he does have some customers to see him on adult platforms.

Colt said fans will see his direct reaction after the new Happy Ever? Episodes in his OneFans. This will give fans a chance to “have fun with him or cheer him on” while watching the show.

The site reads in his bio, “Now for the first time you can take a closer look at his personal moments and get to know him on an intimate level that you will never forget.”

Colt did not launch without controversy – his OneFence profile initially included a photo with his previous 3 flames, Lorisa, Jess and Vanessa.

While Vanessa remains silent, the two Brazilians have threatened to spread “privacy” if Colt refuses to take pictures.

Larissa reiterated that the show was taped a few months ago and that she is using women to stay relevant.

Photo: @Jescarolin_ / Instagram

Jess, Lorisa’s new friend, agrees with him and concludes that Colt is burning them. Colt has a history of lying to Jess and feeling like he’s putting himself out there to feel hurt.

Jess told Colt that he’s a “loser and you’re losing. You never grow and you never learn.

Both women can agree that they have absolutely nothing to do with Colt

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