Jerry Lola’s contract is coming to an end soon, which is why AIU is leaving the place every day

A Hall of Famer could leave WWW in a week – Jerry Lawler’s contract is coming to an end soon. Also, why is Auli leaving Daly’s place, this long-time CVD house?

Jerry Lola’s deal is coming to an end soon

Contracts always end, but we don’t always have specifications for WWE talent. Whatever we do in this case, like Jerry Lawler’s deal is coming to an end soon.

How fast?

How is January 10th?

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Date The date comes directly from Lollard in an episode of his podcast. We have received this reminder from Ringside News, which states that if nothing happens (or already exists) quietly, Lolar may have his contract expired.

Now, it may not be such a big deal. Or maybe.

King is 71 years old and does nothing more for the WWE. Although Jerry Lola is still performing in practice, he is not in favor of the WWE.

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The company will not clear him after a ringside heart attack. Also, the ring of the Hall of Fame does not need much to knock.

So, his contract is expiring – if it is – that’s not significant, is it?

Maybe, but maybe not.

AUU doesn’t take out every former WWE employee … but Lola might consider them.

Why? Two words: Jim Ross.

Lola teamed up with Good All ’JR to announce one of the best teams in the WWE.

It is entirely possible for Lola to join AUU, work a few dates a year and call matches with her former partner Jim Ross.

The application is not difficult to see. But it’s also worth asking: Do you want to take a chance on the aging king?

After all, he has been involved in hot water more than once for comments that are simply not acceptable.

It is entirely possible that Tony Khan, if given the chance, passes that particular dose of nostalgia.

Why AUU is leaving space every day

As well as working through the epidemic, the AUU says Dellis Place Home for most of 2020. So why is AUU leaving space every day now?

It is known that Auiu will take its events on its way to Miami. The expectation is that Aoi will run the show from the hot city for at least a month, including their Beach Bash Special.

The main cause of temperature.

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While you may think that Florida is warm anywhere, it turns out that it is not always.

There have been reports that things in Jacksonville (Daily Place) were too late and that it has been a less enjoyable experience than wrestling.

Moving south of Miami for at least a month, AUW’s figures for running some shows in warmer climates could return to plans at Dallas Place by March, which should be more comfortable for outdoor wrestling in Jacksonville.

There was at least one more draw to move AW shows at least temporarily.

According to the report, the thought was that it could help morale change the scenery. After Brody Lee’s tragic pass, the leadership feels that a slight change of location could help him return to the locker room.

Changing things to a great plan is not a bad thing. Not for the same reason but WWW did the same.

In the case of WWE they moved from the performance center to a better Thunderdom setup. The Thunderdome was first at Orlando’s Moway Center, but has now moved to Tamper Tropicana Field.

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