Jeremy’s worst artist showed off his sexy Star Wars pinup with Ray and BB-8

Artist Jeremy Warst recently unveiled a sexy Star Wars featuring Ray and BB-8.

The work of several of the most beautiful short video clips in March showed in progress, as well as attempted the most beautiful sex pinup at various stages of the completion of the pinup images.

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In an update, he revealed that people are reporting their YouTube videos directly.

Worst of all, he wrote, “Right now they’re playing my YouTube videos while I’m continuing and cutting them off after I’m done. I guess I don’t have to be live here, I’ve just uploaded the video and deleted it. See it. “

He added, “YouTube is an exciting way to clear my 6-hour stream.”

He is moving the work forward.

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In another update, it was the worst when he drew. He wrote, “First or late section? I’m a random painter like most artists. “

– Most nights. I can turn it on as early as eight wallclores and when I say 8, I mean 11:00 lmao

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By the end, towards the end of March, Worst had indicated that he had brought the picture and was available for purchase at Etsy.

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You can see the finished piece, which he called the worst “Ray Like BB”.

Painting prints are available in Etsy’s various formats including 11 × x 17 ×, 16 × x 24 ×, 24 × x 36 ×, 4 stickers, 30 × 18 ×, 40 × x 24 ×, 45 × x 27 Pain Pain and 50 50. x 30 canvas.

The original acrylic painting is still available for purchase. The worst case scenario is that “one percent of sales of original paintings go to charitable income selected by buyers.”

What does Worst’s Ray Likes BB painting do? Are you planning to buy a print?

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