Jason Lee was in financial trouble so he murdered his confused wife Lindsay Lee: American Monster is investigating

Jason Lee strangled his married wife in hopes of securing their marital home. PIX CREDIT: This week’s South Carolina Division of Corrections on American Monsters, the team is investigating the case of Lindsay Lee of Lexington, South Carolina, who was murdered in March 2013 by her expatriate husband, Jason Lee.

When Lindsay Lee failed to work in the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department, colleagues went to her home to check on her well-being.

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They found her body from the bathtub that the water was still running. His throat is cut. An autopsy revealed that he had suffocated and suffered multiple injuries to his body. The cause of death was identified as hemorrhage.

Police immediately became suspicious of Lindsay’s estranged husband, Jason Lee. The couple had been separated for about a year and their divorce was due to be finalized the following month.

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Lee tried to explain his whereabouts on the night of Lindsay’s murder without asking detectives. He claimed that he had pain in his legs, so he took painkillers and went to sleep.

When police asked him about the scratches on his face, he told them he would shave and cut himself. Investigators then learned that he had told his colleagues that he had been attacked by a cat. Lee’s inconsistent story sounded the alarm bells for detectives.

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Using police supermarket surveillance footage and no Fitbit data, he learned that he had been lying about his movements for about twelve hours in the wake of Lindsay’s murder.

Jason Lee had serious problems with money

Investigators then learned that Lee was under severe financial pressure. He was supposed to be evicted from his apartment, his car was going to be resale, and his credit card was removed at most.

He owed Lindsay $ 1,300 and colleagues testified that he would be threatened with imprisonment if he did not pay.

One woman, Lee, was dating at a time when he would later testify that his ex-wife had acquired their marital home and was going to sell it for থেকে 30,000 to 50,000 50,000. The day Lindsay’s body was found, Lee told his wife that he was no longer worried about his home’s finances because he would get home now.

His last conclusive evidence that imprisoned Lee all his life was the recovery of his DNA from the crime scene.

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The American Monster investigation was aired on Sunday 9 / 8c for the discovery.

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