Jacob Blake’s Protesters Killed in Shooting Against Kyle Reitenhaus


One-year-old Kyle Reitenhaus was charged with shooting three people during a protest in Canora on Tuesday night – two of whom were fatal.


A 17-year-old self-styled militia member has been charged in Kenosha with shooting dead two people and injuring a third during a protest after police opened fire.

Kyle Rittenhaus will appear in court Friday for a Wisconsin extradition hearing. He was arrested Wednesday in Antioch, Illinois, where he lives.

Joseph Rosenbaum (3,) and Anthony Huber (226) died in the shooting. Gaige Grosskritz, 26, was injured.

According to videos, interviews and social media posts, Ritenhaus considered himself a member of a militia trying to save his life and property. He faces six charges, including a count of first-degree intentional homicide.

Although the shots were captured in multiple videos, the criminal charges released on Thursday provide more details about what prosecutors said and how the incident unfolded:

Rittenhouse ‘not handling weapons well’

A reporter was interviewing Rittenhaus, who was carrying an AR-15 rifle when Rosenbaum approached them. Wrightenhouse took a “juke” move and began to run away from Rosenbaum and a few other people in the vicinity.

The reporter later told police he operated several similar rifles, noting that Wrightenhaus was “not handling the weapon very well.”

The unarmed dead have been shot more than once

Rosenbaum followed as Ritenhaus ran.

A video shows Rosenbaum throwing something at the teenager. The object, identified as a plastic bag in another video, did not hit the warehouse.

The complaint states, “Rosenbaum appears unarmed for the duration of this video.

Rittenhouse and Rosenbaum arrived at a parking lot, with reporters behind them. The reporter said Reitenhaus arrived in a car and placed his gun in a “low ready position”, holding the gun down, before raising it. This reporter heard a gunshot and a pigeon on the sidewalk.

A video quoted in the criminal complaint was caught in a loud voice, probably first a gunshot, then a man shouting explosives. Roseanne is seen going to Rittenbaum. As Rosenbaum approached, four more loud thunderbolts struck and he fell to the ground.

Rosenbaum tried to grab Rittenhouse’s gun

The reporter told police that Rosenbaum tried to grab Rittenhouse’s gun. Reitenhaus pulls out the rifle, then raises it, and as the two come together, Reitenhaus fires a second time.

When the shot went off, the reporter said, Rittenhaus aimed at Rosenbaum. This reporter could not exchange any words between the two.

Rittenhouse: ‘I just hit someone’

In one video, Ritenhaus and the reporter walk towards Rosenbaum on the ground. The reporter tried to help Rosenbaum, who was shot more than once.

Rittenhouse pulled out his cellphone. As soon as he came to another, Ritenhaus turned around and ran. He was heard saying on the phone: “I just hit someone.”

Wrightenhaus was charged with first-degree reckless manslaughter in Rosenbaum’s death and first-degree reckless endangered security for firing on the plaintiff.

Rittenhouse almost shot someone else, but missed

People follow Rittenhouse, people shout “Catch him!” And says he just shot someone.

The retainhouse collapsed. When he was on the ground, a man jumped on him. Police say the sound of gunfire and the location of Rittenhouse’s gun showed that he “quickly fired two shots at the man.”

The man escaped and was injured.

In this part of the incident, Rittenhaus was accused of first-degree reckless endangering security.

A second victim died in a shootout

A second man named Huber came to the Rittenhouse who was still on the ground. Huber had a skateboard in his right hand and reached for the teenager’s gun with the other hand.

Ritenhaus fired one round and hit Huber in the chest. Huber stunned a few steps and then fell to the ground.

Rittenhaus was charged with first-degree intentional homicide in the case of Huber’s death.

The victim of the third shooting had a gun

Rittenhaus got up and pointed his gun at a man named Grosscrewtz, who started walking towards him. Groskritz took a step back, freezing and keeping his hands in the air.

Afterwards, Groskritz proceeded to Rittenhaus, who fired a shot at his rifle and struck Groskrit in the arm.

Grasscritz was “shot and found holding a handgun in his right hand,” the complaint said.

Rittenhaus faces charges of first-degree intentional homicide in the shooting of Grosscruz.

Police drove to the Wrighthouse

According to the complaint, Wrightenhaus then got off the ground and started walking with firearms in his “ready position,” according to the complaint.

The video showed several police tactical vehicles walking towards the intersection near Wrighthouse, his arms raised in a surrender. Police fired shots at the drivers.

Charges carry steep fines

All heinous charges include a “use of a dangerous weapon” correction that could add more time to jail after a conviction. Rittenhaus was also charged with possession of a dangerous weapon by a minor under the age of 18.

If convicted of the most serious charge, first-degree intentional homicide, he could face mandatory life imprisonment. In Wisconsin, all 17-year-olds are automatically charged as adults.

Attorney L. Lin Wood, who represented a high school student at media outlets, helped represent the case after a student conversation with a local American elder at the Lincoln Memorial went viral.

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