/Jackson dropped Mickey in a shocking revelation

Jackson dropped Mickey in a shocking revelation

Jackson Missy was a part of the BB21 cast during Summer 2019 Pic Peak Credit: CBS

Big Brother 21 winner Jackson Missy has been sharing a lot of things on social media lately.

This weekend, Jackson uploaded a video on his TickTock page where he talks about his fight with addiction and his fatal blood clots shortly before he joined the BB21 actress.

The video is getting a lot of fan buzz on social media, especially because of how much he has revealed in the clip. It raised some questions about the casting process and how he was able to make it to the show with all these problems.

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Some fans even said that Jackson’s revelations contributed to Robin Kass’s decision to resign as Big Brother’s casting director. He left the show, but any link to Jackson’s video is just online gossip at the moment.

Jackson shared his drug addiction

In the video, Jackson says, “Before I moved into Big Brother, I was addicted to Janax – fighting adrenaline and cocaine.”

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“And I took my last Janax in less than two days before I went to the show,” Jackson added.

He went on to say that he went through rehabilitation and post-surgical recovery on national television, competing against 15 people and eventually winning 500,000 prizes.

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The full tick video can be seen below. It started with a clip of a guy telling people to share their crazy story and showing a picture of him flowing to Jackson when he had a serious blood clot. He then spoke directly to the camera while talking about his fight with drugs and how he was going through withdrawal while in Big Brother 21.

It’s not exactly a good look for the Big Brother, especially since it’s only the latest bad press that Jackson has brought to the Missy Reality contest show. It’s not clear why he chose to publish this information on public platforms at the moment, but he did tell his truth.

Most recently, Holly Allen, who had an affair with Jackson during the filming of BB21, posted on social media where she indicated that no one had ever warned her about Jackson. Kat Dunn, who was on the BB21 cast, called her and shared a video where she warned Holly.

Big brother 23 is coming soon

Even after surpassing Big Brother 21 and then Big Brother All-Stars 2, the CBS show is moving at full speed for the 2021 summer season.

For anyone who thinks they’ll enjoy playing a season of Big Brother, the apps are currently open to potential BB23 cast members.

Big Brother is currently on break from CBS.

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