J.K. Rolling returns Robert F. Kennedy Humanitarian Award after criticizing author’s position on transgender issue

Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling Robert F. Kennedy returned an award he received from the Human Rights Organization last year, when the president criticized Rowling’s views on heterosexuality.

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Last year, the company awarded Rowling the The Ripple of Hope award.

A humanitarian honor that “recognizes leaders in the international business, entertainment, and working communities who have demonstrated a commitment to social change and reflects the belief that equality, justice, fundamental human rights, and each of us can make a difference to Robert Kennedy.”

Rowling, after publishing an article earlier this year, explained his belief that contemporary trans-activism is doing enough harm to “break” women ‘politically and’ biologically ‘and provide some cover to predators, “said Kerry Kennedy, the organisation’s president. People’s living experiences “rolling.

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In an official statement posted on the official website of Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights, Kennedy claimed that Rowling had “chosen his significant gifts to create a narrative that detracts from the identity of trans and nonbinary people, undermining its legitimacy and integrity. The entire transgender community.”

Kennedy further emphasized that “J.K. Rolling’s attacks on the heterosexual community are inconsistent with RFK’s fundamental beliefs and values ​​of human rights and represent a rejection of my father’s philosophy. “

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In response to Kennedy, Rowling released his own statement in which he criticized the president of the organization for “considering it necessary to publish a statement condemning my views on RFKHR’s website.”

As he claimed, “the statement incorrectly indicated that I was transphobic and that I was responsible for the loss of people.”

Rowling went on to say that she would “completely refute the allegation that I hate trans people or make them sick, or that advocating for women’s rights is wrong, discriminatory or inciting harm or violence to the trans community.”

“Like the majority of those who have written to me, I feel nothing but empathy for people with gender dysphoria, and I agree with the physicians and therapists I contacted who want to see a proper investigation into their causes to lead it,” Rowling explained. .

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Rowling then decided to stand “in solidarity with those who have contacted me but those who are struggling to make their voices heard” and declared that “he has no choice but to return the ripple of donations he gave me last year.”

“I am deeply sorry that RFKHR has been forced to take this position, but no reward or honor, no matter how important my appreciation of the one who was named, means to me that I will lose the right to follow his orders.” “Rolling is over.

As of writing, there is no mention of its 2019 winners on the organization’s official website, of which Rowling was a member, and the promotional elements of the upcoming 2020 entry at the awards ceremony have chosen to focus on the 2018 nominees and winners.

What do you think is behind the famous writers and human rights organizations?

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