It’s too early to decide how the COVID-19 should react in the summer

(KTIIV) – Many of you have questions and continue to share them with us as Sixland and World COVID-19 continue to fight.

On Wednesday, Dr. Mike Kafka spoke to UnityPoint Health – talking to Matt Brain of St. Luke KTIV to help the audience respond.

Q: Does the corona virus slow down to very high or very low temperatures?

Dr. Kafka: Well, if we talk about the durability of the virus, it prefers a cool and dry environment. In fact, in the lab we will freeze or freeze the samples for storage. I know the virus will be less stable and the temperature will be less warm, but to question whether it will make any sense in the summer, I think it will be too early to decide how the virus will behave and the time will come. However, it is possible to disinfect and disinfect at high temperatures, but it requires extremely high temperatures, which do not usually occur during daily work and life.

Q: Involved in Six City Clinical Trials?

Dr. Kafka: I know that the only clinical trial we are involved in is the Convulsants Plasma Program, where ex-patients recovering from their CVID infection go and donate a plasma sample and it is now given to someone who is currently fighting the infection. The antibodies that were developed during the infection are the immune system of the infected patient and p Can help speed up intercourse. But only I know that both hospitals are following and using it clinically.

Q: UnityPoint Health – St. Luke announced Tuesday that they are examining patients. Can anyone come down the road and be tested for Covid-19?

Dr. Kafka: Right now, no. The kind of testing we do is screening all hospitalized patients, those who are hospitalized. We have a quick test that allows us to control people who can enter the job market or perform emergency surgery. We can test them internally with a 45 minute quick test. We only have a limited supply for it. We also do this to people who suspect it because of their symptoms. We test them now so we can get them into proper insulation. These come as empathetic, we try and test them, but it is usually an overnight process that takes 24 hours to get results back. With the public, however, the purpose is not to introduce and test them. This, of course, requires a doctor’s prescription, which is usually given only when they have symptoms of Covid-11 compliance.

Several times a week, KTIV seeks out health professionals across Sixland.

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