‘It’s my honor:’ The great fallen elites of Wisconsin gathered at midnight

West Alice – investors ready for it; But this time it was midnight and the orchestra did not see each other.

The 30-minute lesson was delivered aloud in MacArthur Square; Craig Hastings turned his face over to his paper.

Soon, he turned his attention to members of the Milwaukee Police Department.

Craig Hastings

“You understand,” Hastings said. “It’s my honor tonight.”

He nodded as Hastings turned, the tent upstairs came to protect him from the rain. More than half a hundred people from the Milwaukee Police Department gathered in tents around motorcycles.

Hastings watched as one hand walked away, which meant it was midnight, and he started his Amazing Grace Race by matching 15 bags kept in police departments across the state.

‘We started’

Greater Milwaukee Fire and Police Pipes and Drums were made in 2000 by many firefighters and police officers. Many of them have been involved from the beginning. But he then joined National Police Week.

Each year, in a line held in Washington D.C. to honor honorable police officers in one line, this year, Milwaukee Police Officer Matthew Ritner and Racine Officer John Hitland were honored. While their names are still attached to the memorial of the enforcing order, many more events took place

Matthew Ritner

John Hitland

Since there was supposed to be a backpack crew, the team was still thinking of ways to honor those who fell. He soon realized that an important issue was not going anywhere and wanted to help.

Craig Hastings

“A few years ago, at midnight, a pipe passed by the graveyard of the memorial where the names of the missing went missing,” said Gary Byers, a longtime member of the group. “Piper plays a number of roles and often ends with amazing grace. We met and said, why don’t we do it here. “

The team planned to carry bags to play at 15 venues across the region, from Madison to Milwaukee and from Coleman to Rackin.

“One thing we’ll all never forget is fall, and it’s a way we’ll never forget fallen people,” Byers said.

Bagpipers of this honor fell across Wisconsin at midnight

By midnight, the punk-makers were starting their own Amazing Grace songs in several Wisconsin locations. The bag of songs played two verses and when the third verse was gone. The move represents the honor and respect of retired officers.

Gary Byers

“It hurts when a police officer resigns, especially in your community, whether you’re retired or working,” Byers said. “It’s a great asset.”

The group said it was honored to pay tribute to the celebrities this year and was looking forward to returning to Washington DC next year.

“I’ve been hiring 28 police officers since I retired. I’m looking at pictures very well. I do fun things and I sing,” Hastings said.



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