‘It’s been rumored for weeks:’ As the fireworks business grew, officials warned that they were illegal in many cities.

MILWAQI – With many of the fourth shows in July being canceled due to COVID-19, business at the fireworks stores in the Milwaukee area is booming – officials have warned that shutting them down could cost you.

Fireworks are illegal in most cities, but that hasn’t stopped them from stopping well before July 4th.

“I’ve been listening to it for weeks and it’s almost overnight,” said Dan Tyke with North Shore Fire / Rescue.

Milwaukee is a city where fireworks are illegal.

Alderman Michael Murphy

“Not all pretty fireworks are allowed in Milwaukee,” said Alderman Michael Murphy. “You know, we have a very dense environment with lots of old houses.”

Murphy warned that anyone violating the city ordinance could face a fine of up to 1000 1,000. With professional fireworks displays canceled, he asked people to find different ways to celebrate.

Murphy said, “It can cause a lot of big injuries or a number of injuries. “We have received reports of injuries from the Milwaukee Health Department. We know Children’s Hospital, our citizens are coming with severe burns. “

Dan Tyke

Tyke agrees that amateurs should not set off fireworks, but if you want to set up a display wherever it is legal – he urges you to please be respectful of neighbors.

“Make sure you have the right equipment so that you have some way to extinguish the fireworks before anything goes wrong and you’re wearing tight-fitting clothing,” Tyke said.

He said the safest way to celebrate Independence Day could be in 2020 without any fuss.

“This year we may have to go without fireworks and I think everyone can say we’re going to be bigger by 2021,” Tyke said.

In some cities, such as West Bend, there are four fireworks displays in July – so it’s important to check the schedule and rules depending on where you live.



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