It was with Trump’s coronavirus. He wants travel and fireworks instead

As daily briefings prompted him to abandon the practice of losing his survey numbers, President Donald Trump prepared for an early victory in the coronavirus test by planning a critical war turn in Pennsylvania on Thursday.

As usual, however, the president found it impossible to follow the scenes. Frustrated with not being able to properly influence the news cycle the way he wanted, Trump rushed to his political signs and the press corps, often in an increasingly dark and superstitious way. He reprimanded his chief scientific adviser and indicted the infamous MSNBC owner without trial for possible murder. A reporter says he knew his predecessor, Barack Obama, better than he knew himself when he came in contact with an Asian-American journalist after asking him a Chinese question that encouraged him to tweet something he had committed some unspecified crime. In the Oval Office with whom he once met, a well-known conspiracy theorist, Kevin, suggested that Democrats had “senior objections” to pressuring Joe Biden as their alleged presidential candidate. He went crazy from the TV.

It was until Thursday.

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