It was played at Ubisoft’s Gods and Monsters Stadium

Google has now removed Stadium Mobile from all Android phones and implemented touch controls as well as device resolution controls. The news failed and there was a brief appearance titled “Orpheus” in the stadium store. Those who entered the game soon saw that they were playing an early version of Ubisoft’s Gods and Monsters in the stadium.

E3 returns in 2019 as Ubisoft’s Gods and Monsters as “Greek Mythology of the Fantastic World of Journey”. The release date was originally February 2520, 2020, but COVID-19 delayed the company’s launch schedule.

At ten o’clock in the morning, the title “Orpheus” appeared on the list of all the games in the stadium store. They are priced at “$ 0.00” so some people can buy them, add them to the library and start playing. The cover art confirms that it was Gods and Monsters, at a very early stage, according to the recorded images.

The characters are not seen as healthy and have many significant similarities with Assassin’s Credit Odyssey developed by the same group. These are active, loading screens, menus and mechanics.

Short video for gameplay of Gods and Monsters! From the stadium

Others cite similarities with Nintendo’s Breath of the Wild. For example, there is an element that makes the stamp look like a wheel.

The early version probably won’t have these issues, as it seems to be the initial alpha for Orpheus developers. Ubisoft showed last month how the stadium allowed their teams to continue working from home.

The internal version is rarely leaked officially. The finished cover art and screenshot match the game. This afternoon, the title is no longer available at the Stadia Store.

UPDATE: Google said it was an accident and today hundreds of people were able to access it for half an hour. This initial build is from last year’s E3 and is not a reflection of today’s game.

Google and Ubisoft have already confirmed that they are coming to S God and Monsters Stadium.

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