It is difficult to predict the growing conditions of summer

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There will be plenty of sunshine this summer, which officially arrived on Saturday. There will be hot days. Since this is southwestern Ontario, there will be thunderstorms. But experts predict the seasons beyond this generality is an incomplete science

We’ve gotten the idea over the last few weeks that spring has gotten hot and wet – and so there’s a lot more time going on this summer. But that doesn’t tell the whole story.

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It is difficult to predict the rising conditions of summer

“Let’s look back before we wait. “The spring itself was unbalanced, somewhat cooler,” said Peter Kimble, one of Canada’s alert-prepared meteorologists. “It wasn’t too wet. It was almost normal in terms of temperature.

A farmer does not depend on anything.

“They were talking hotter than normal and normal rainfall. I don’t pay much attention to that because that’s what happens, “said Peter Johnson, a landowner near Lausanne, who is also an agriculturist at Real Agriculture. What Johnson means is that farmers deal with any situation.

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