It feels like another woman: ‘Cheating can be painful’

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  • The words of knowledge that anyone came from there, it has been done, as well as some harsh truths on the reality of having a relationship

    You’ve heard the word “being another woman”: You know, having a woman other than her partner is a term used to refer to a single woman who has long been involved in a mental or physical relationship with a concubine, lover or already taken man.

    It is common to read stories from the perspectives of women who have been deceived: stories of heartbreak, frustration and faith, shock, turmoil and deep, deep trauma. Rare to hear versions of events from the person who instigated the fraud.

    Interestingly, for our storyteller below, many of those same feelings followed him about him. He made it clear that at least for him the deception did not come without guilt or concern.

    Think of it as a warning, just read a sentence of wisdom or just a life and keep reading for a glimpse of how it is like another woman, as well as say something about why people cheat, who have done it themselves.

    Being another woman: Feeling like this

    “There’s no way to say it without sounding like a horrible guy, but here it goes: when my partner and I got together, he was involved with someone else. I was another woman.”

    The word “other women” is already loaded. He is a character, not a real person. She thinks she will be a grandmother, a peroxide blonde hunter who follows happy married men for her own selfish gain. Of course, this is not the reality. In a real sense, I’m a twenty-two-year-old receptionist who’s lost something without wanting to ‘steal’ someone’s boyfriend. I fell for my fianc এখন now and despite being with another guy we couldn’t stay away from each other. “

    “I am not indulging in disbelief, in fact, I think it is a bad thing anyone can do. It shatters your trust and usually destroys your relationship. If I discovered that my partner had cheated on me, I would be devastated. So trust me when I believe, I don’t feel good about what happened. “

    Is the other woman under pressure?

    “It’s not fun to be another woman, no matter what the film and TV tell you. I have always assumed that concubines drink champagne in silk sheets and wait for the arrival of their lovers full of gifts. Not so. In fact, my life looked exactly the same as before, except for a growing sexual friendship with a person I knew I should stay away from. “

    “The other half of me was short-term, had a long-distance relationship and I was long-term, an open one. The chemistry between us was that our first drink starting from instantly drunk (which was a date if I was being truthful with myself) was pretty we were going to end up in bed together with no questions asked. The only question was how long we could resist it.

    The subject was not physical, but sensitive

    “I can at least say that we didn’t sleep together until we broke up with our respective partners. In fact, we only kissed a few times. But it was Bayid Manta. The real mistake in what we did was sensitive. Sending uninterrupted messages, meeting to hang out without telling anyone and always thinking about each other, wish we were together. If the other half of me was going to cheat on me, I would have had a random jerk with a stranger since it doesn’t keep sex-sex but rather lies next to me in bed thinking of someone else. “

    “I woke up one morning, after the party, and snatched my ex from the bedroom to wake up. I went and slept in the empty room where my boyfriend was sleeping. We didn’t even touch, we just lay there listening to each other’s breaths. There was nothing physical about it, but that doesn’t mean it was innocent. Emotionally we were already distrustful, and of course, in the end our self-control failed, and it became physical. “

    The news of being another woman is broken

    “Once kissed we knew our partners needed to know what had happened, and the relationship was over. My ex was not particularly concerned. We’ve entered into a free relationship that took its course. “

    “But my boyfriend had an ex-girlfriend, and his friends started targeting me on social media to protect him. We both felt awful about what we did, I certainly didn’t need my strangers using Twitter to call naughty huts. The funny thing is that this abuse was targeted not only at my boyfriend, but at me, who worldwide believes that women are capable of ‘stealing’ men. Being another woman is so scandalous that we certainly cannot steal ‘men’. The two seem to be unfaithful and no one can force anyone to do so. “

    Does becoming a woman never end?

    “Once a cheater, always a cheater” is a popular idol to solve the issue. I don’t think it’s true, but of course I’ve got a vested interest in not believing it. If this is true then my relationship is in trouble. But I believe people cheat for some reason. They cheat because they are dissatisfied with them or they miss something they need. “

    “Cheating, despite the painful experience, can act as a wake-up call to any relationship that has stopped working and the time has come to come out. Of course rebuilding and moving forward is possible, but it requires both partners to try and understand how things broke down in the first place. “

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