Is the Blueber team selling its company?

If you just don’t remember the Blueberry team, we won’t blame you. It is a relatively small development studio located in Poland. Although the development team may be small, they have made a name for themselves as ghost video game titles. In 2017 the studio released its highly successful and acclaimed title, The Observer and they followed the second tier installment of Fire with Blair Dine. However, their next game in terms of development may still be their biggest task

The Blueber team is currently developing Medium, a game inspired by the much-loved Konami IP, Silent Hill. This psychological horror game follows a woman named Marion who is able to turn our backs on our current reality and a spiritual state. The title also brings to mind the composer of Silent Hill, Akira Yamoka, who was on board to work on the title after seeing the pitch of the gameplay show.

The medium is still ready to launch on PC and Xbox Series X this holiday season, but its development studio could find a buyer. Since its inception in 2008, it looks like the Blueber team may be in talks with a number of companies in different markets. This information comes from stock exchange documents that are in the so-called second phase studios between various companies in the United States, Poland and the United Kingdom.

As reported by VGC, no indication was found as to what the subject of the discussion was but speculation is largely believed that the Blueber team is interested in merging. It’s clear that the team can deliver some horror games, and since the medium is Microsoft’s exclusive, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see an interest in the Microsoft company. However, we can only wait and see if anything comes out of this discussion at all.

Source: VGC

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