Is Anna Dugar pregnant? Here’s why he might be

Anna Duggar may have hinted that another Duggar baby was on her way. Peak Credit: TLC

Did Anna Duggar just hint that she has a seventh child on one side? Fans think this is what his birthday Instagram means on the countdown.

There is some speculation that Anna Duggar may get pregnant again. Mariella just hit her seven-month milestone and celebrated. Usually her babies stay away for about two years and if she gets pregnant again then the babies will be 16 or 17 months or more away during this time.

Why do fans on Countdown suspect that Anna Duggar is pregnant again?

The first picture of Anna Duggar is one of her Josh and Mariella. She was holding her baby girl while her husband stood behind them with affection. Looks like it could be wrong for an announcement if someone wants to extend it a bit.

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Usually, Anna and Josh creatively announce a new baby. Although the message is always clear. This photo appears to be something they took and wanted to share with the world.

Fans are still divided over whether Anna Duggar should have stayed with Josh at all. His posts are often filled with critics, but some praise his faith in the midst of the storm. She was by her side in spite of her husband’s beid money and uncultivation.

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What has Anna Duggar been doing lately?

The Anna Duggar family has been sharing what they shared since the arrival of Mariella. She has confirmed that her daughter’s birth count will not be part of Oni’s upcoming season, despite the fact that she was included in photoshoots and other scenes of pregnant Duggar women last season.

Anna continues to update fans on social media from special outs on how her children grow up. Since its inception in reality television, many viewers have followed Dugers, including Josh and Anna, who were married and the beginning of the marriage.

Much has changed, but Anna Duggar remains faithful to her marriage and to raising her children in the same way as Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. Recently, he was compared to his mother-in-law, a fan even with a quip, probably having “20 little duggers” like him. Interestingly enough, the former reality star revealed that it was impossible because of her age, but she didn’t deprive more kids.

Although the photo on Instagram may be an indication of pregnancy, it was probably a sweet photo that Anna wanted to share the moment that was captured.

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