Is Abby Grace Burnett pregnant with her second child?

Abby Grace Burnett is the target of pregnancy rumors. Peak Credit: TLC

Abby Grace Burnett is the latest dugout woman to target pregnancy rumors.

He was a part of Big Dugger Christmas and in the two photos he has it looks like he is trying to cover a baby bump.

Abby and John-David Dugar could be the next couple to announce that they are hoping for a smaller one?

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So far, Kendra Caldwell and Joseph Dugar are the only couple who have confirmed that a baby is coming in 2021. In fact, February will mark the arrival of the 20th grandchild of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar.

Why do fans on Countdown think Abby Grace Burnett can expect?

Abby Grace Burnett seems to be hiding a baby bump in Christmas photos shared by Jana Duggar.

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A photo was taken from the top of the living room and it includes duggar children and grandchildren and even Santa Claus in the mix. Abby stands around him with John-David’s weapons in his middle.

Another photo shows him sitting on a recliner on John-David’s lap, his cardigan sweater holding the middle part.

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One commenter avoided a beat and noticed, “I think Abby (sic) is pregnant.”

Of course, another commented followed and tried to dispel the assumption, saying, “I saw him in another post and he was slender. No stomach at all. Pancake flat. I wish LOL.”

Peak Credit: @Jandugar / Instagram

Is Abby Grace Burnett pregnant?

While this is possible and she and John-David Duggar are expanding their family, perhaps she is not hiding the pregnancy.

Earlier in the week, photos of the Duggar girls’ Christmas party and ugly sweater event were shared, and none of the set-up alarms about Abby Grace Burnett’s possible pregnancy.

Also, he was incredibly sick with Grace Dogger in the extreme morning sickness he was sick and even went to visit the emergency room because he couldn’t keep up with anything. That’s what Jana was expecting.

Abby looks happy and healthy in these photos. Perhaps it’s not pregnant, but that doesn’t mean 2021 won’t bring the baby for the couple.

Right now, they’re getting ready to celebrate Grace’s first birthday in just a few days. He scored the last goal of the 2019 Dugar Baby Boom.

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