Iowa received news of 12 new COVID-19 deaths, with about 400 additional incidents occurring

DES MOINS, Iowa (KTIV) – Officials at the Iowa Department of Public Health confirmed Thursday that there are 3,386 new cases of Covid-19 in the state.

To date, there are 13,675 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Iowa.

Health officials received reports of 12 more COID-19 deaths, bringing the total to 318 in the state.

Currently, state officials say 6,231 people tested positive for the virus have recovered, an increase of 2,277 since Wednesday’s report.

In Iowa, a total of 89,294 people were tested for COVID-19, of which 75,619 returned negative.

According to IDPH, there are 405 hospitalized COVID-19 patients in Iowa. Of these patients, 134 are in the intensive care unit and 93 are suffering from shortness of breath.

There are 38 CO9 CVID-19 patients hospitalized in Northwestern Iowa, 38 in ICUs and 28 in ventilators, designated by state officials as RMCC Region 3.

Officials say there are still 555 hospitalized patients, 103 ICU beds and 72 ventilators in northwestern Iowa.

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