IOS 14: What do the orange and green dots in the status bar mean?

IOS 14 includes several big new features and lots of small changes and visual updates. You noticed new indicators in the status bar in the right hand corner and wondered what they were for. Symbols for this new status will appear as orange and green dots or circles.

It turns out that these points are information indicators that help assure and protect your privacy. On MacBooks and iMacs, Apple has a physical green LED that sits next to a webcam.

When the camera is accessed, it lets you know that an application on your system is viewing the camera feed. The iPhone and iPad do not have physical LEDs so Apple mimics the experience through the software.

What does the orange dot on the iPhone mean?

The orange dot means an application is using the microphone on your phone. The microphone is being heard and can be recorded. For example, it may appear when you’re using Siri or Recognition, and you need an iPhone to transcribe your speech to text. Assuming all applications are working with honest trust, Orange Dot will only appear when you are doing something that requires a microphone. If the orange dot appears in context where it doesn’t seem to be needed, it could indicate that an application is abusing your privacy. If it appears when it shouldn’t, you can contact the developer to find out why it’s being used. This may be a bug with the application rather than a deliberate espionage operation.

In earlier versions of iOS, users would never know when the microphone was being accessed if the app was not in the background. The app records the microphone when it is in the background, showing a red pill indicator to the left of the iOS notch. This behavior has not changed with iOS 14 but now the orange light will appear at the same time to the right of the groove.

What does the green dot of the iPhone mean?

The green dot appears when using an application camera, such as when taking a picture. Camera access also means access to the microphone; In this case, you will not see the orange dot separately. The green color matches the LEDs used in Apple’s MacBook and iMac products.

If an app does not understand when accessing the camera, it means this application is invading your privacy. To communicate. In case they are probably doing something inferior, you can delete the application or it may be a bug. Running a green light does not mean that the camera feed is being recorded and saved; All iOS knows the app can access the camera feed at that time. The app doesn’t know what to do with the data.

Control Center “Recently”

If you pull into the control center, within minutes of using the camera or microphone, the control center UI can tell you what happened. It will display the type of access (either microphone or camera) and the name of the app that uses the sensor. Provides an extra layer of clarity in case you miss the small round dot indicator.

Again, the system does not know what the app is doing by collecting information from the microphone or camera. The data can be used on the fly, it can be fully on the device, or it can be permanently recorded and transmitted to the network.

The bottom line is that if these features are used while drawing attention to iOS, the naming and wider community will be embarrassed by the applications that are being unnecessarily accessed. Awareness brings change. Hopefully, most iOS apps behave nicely and these status indicators will never appear when you don’t expect them to.

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