/IOS 14: The Windows Kit for Application Developers Details, Not “Mini Apps”

IOS 14: The Windows Kit for Application Developers Details, Not “Mini Apps”

One of the biggest changes to iOS 14 is that the new home screen widget and the combination of third party with new features will unlock a lot of possibilities. A WWDC talk today includes detailed widgetkits, including a partnership on what Apple’s focus and experience should be, as well as what widgets shouldn’t be designed as “mini-apps.”

While mostly focused on home screen widgets for the iPhone, the new feature is also available on iPads as well as Macs with Max Big Tune (just in a variety of implementations). Here’s how Apple describes the WidgetKit:

Create widgets easily and make them available across iOS, iPadS and MacOS using the WidgetKit Framework and the new Widgets API for Swift2I. Widgets now come in multiple sizes, and users can place them anywhere on the home screen to search for new widget galleries, preview sizes, and access important details at a glance. They can also add sets of widgets that use on-device intelligence to surface the right widget at the right moment, based on things like smart stacks – time, location, and activity.

In the WWDC talk, “Erase Widgets” highlights the focus of Apple widgets as developers begin working on their third-party versions. The three main goals to keep in mind are that widgets should be “visually appealing, relevant and personalized.”

In addition, Apple especially wants them to be “mini-apps” with buttons and a complex UI. A general review of WidgetKit and what the experience should look like, then WWDC Talk walks developers through creating a widget with both static and intent configuration.

Below and on the Mitt WidgetKit talk page you can find all the resources to start creating a widget.

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