Introducing privacy ‘nutrition labels’ for iOS 14 apps, here’s how developers can prepare

After announcing the new iOS privacy requirements at WWDC in June, Apple has shared a new detailed documentation for developers as they prepare to create privacy “nutrition labels” for apps. The new iOS 14 feature will apply to all apps available in Apple’s App Stores to better inform customers with a clear overview of the app’s privacy practices.

New Developer Resources for App Privacy details a number of important sections for considering data types, data usage, data associated with users, tracking, privacy links, and how to answer application privacy questions (via McArma).

Significantly, when it comes to app and website tracking, Apple has just left the feature behind so it won’t roll out in early 2021.

Here’s how Apple summarized the privacy details of the new app – the app equivalent to a food nutrition label – that developers will need to create:

Later this year, the App Store will help users understand the privacy practices of an app before downloading it on any Apple platform. On each app’s product page, users can learn some of the data that the app can collect and whether that data is linked to or used to track them. Starting this fall, you will need to provide information about your app’s privacy practices, including the codes of third-party partners in the App Store Connect that you integrate into your application.

Initially Apple highlights three important pieces of information for developers to keep in mind as they follow the detailed process of app privacy.

As you prepare to choose your answers from the options presented in the App Store Connect, remember:

  • All of your specific data collections and uses will be used in limited circumstances and even all of your potential data collections and uses should be identified.
  • Your answers should follow the App Store Review Guidelines and any applicable laws.
  • You are responsible for keeping your responses appropriate and up to date. If your practices change, update your responses in the App Store Connect.

Davos covers data types, data usage, data associated with users, tracking and other sections of the support document for privacy links.

Here’s an example of a chart to help Davis think about what is accessible to their partners through the different types of data that their apps can collect:

For more details, head over to Apple’s full developer support page for details on app privacy

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