Inside Nixon is definitely an illegal plot to anchor the assassination attempt on Wallace on the left

Photo illustration by Daily Beast / Photos Getty

About how the president acts during the national crisis, says a lot about the man (they were all still men). Publicly, President Trump has remained more true to his reputation during the COVID-19 pandemic, advertising snake oil funds from the White House rostrum and denying explicit statements.

However, it is not just what he is doing publicly with Trump. His actions behind closed doors and what we learned about them shaped his reputation as much as possible.

But it could take years, even decades, before we learn exactly what Trump did outside of public view. Meanwhile, there is one president we met a bit behind closed doors. And the story is not very much. We know all about Richard Nixon and Watergate. But a cursory reading of the story may lead to the conclusion that his downfall was due to that one bad decision – a weak point when he allowed paranoia about re-election to improve it. But, well, no.

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