INMO calls on government to provide funds to health workers to pay for child care

The general secretary of the Irish Nurses and Midwives Organization (INMO) said the government should have funded the canceled child care scheme to contribute to the care of front-line workers.

Proposed project Canceled on Wednesday, After receiving less encouragement from suppliers.

It will start next Monday and will show that child care professionals provide services in the family home.

However, child care workers were warned that their insurance would not cover their COVID-19 claims if they participated in the project.

INMO Secretary-General Phil Ni Shegdha told Newstallt in the morning that he was not surprised that the plan had been dropped.

He, however, called on the government to use the funds to support the members of the project.

“When it was announced, we had a lot of questions – we didn’t really know how it would work.

“So we weren’t surprised when we made the announcement last night, because in reality many of our members have contacted child care providers.

“And they already knew that many of the suppliers indicated that there were (too) many questions, a big insurance problem and they wouldn’t actually register.

“So from our point of view, we still have problems.”

“It now costs our members a lot of money because many of them have made their own arrangements.

“So I think one of the clear things that the government can say today is that the money allocated for it now – and now – should be allocated to those who pay more than they normally would.”

“For example, we have some people who told us that they created a system where child care providers were interested in providing the services they provided and were more than them – but the costs were very high.

‘We already have examples of nurses who pay just over 110 110 a day: a lot of money in a nurse’s salary to start it.

“What we’re saying is that we now have arrangements with HSE, if you can’t take care of the baby and you’ve put a lot of effort into changing your schedule, you’ve agreed to bet on a separate service again, etc., but neither of these Doesn’t work – you will be treated like any other officer.

“For that you are available for work and you will stay at home and you will be paid.”

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