Indica manages a touch screen and late opening in Texas

PORT WART, Texas – More than eight months after the last race of the Indica through uncertainty and uncertainty, another pair of Scott Dixon and former champions relied on their own experience to complete the podium.

None of the spectators were there, and will not be in the next competition on July 4, but the series has finally started its season, postponed by the coronavirus epidemic for a long, well-performed day – everyone with healthy screenings just had to go there to enter the Texas Motor Speedway Make sure the backpack is protected by a new windscreen.

“We knew it was going to be a deadly situation for the Indica series, and we were confident we could do a show to entertain people,” said Simon Paynewood, who is behind Dixon. “It simply came to our notice then. This is business. “

People were watching, even though they were the only viewers of the song – where Grandi could enjoy more than a million more people – there were also people willing to access the condom.

NBC Sports said on Sunday that the Prime Minister had attracted about 1.3 million viewers on Saturday night after visiting Indianapolis 500 times, often on about 500 Indian cars on any network. It was the biggest listener on NBC TV, far from any Indica race. From bricks.

The pair of five-time champion Dixon Tip Pencek driver, 2017 Indica champion Pejnad and polyester Joseph Newgarden, with two defenders and a series in a comfortable 4.4-second interval, put the Chip Ganasi Honder 9 overload in three laps.

“It simply came to our notice then. The subject of running was still amazing. Payenud said. “It’s a false start in St. Petersburg. It was the first time in my career. I’ve never seen anything like it before.”

They began on the streets of St. Petersburg, Florida, about three months after the start of The Tu, and the reason the epidemic was so long delayed was because Dixon ended everyone’s one-day inauguration by hoisting the refined flag of the sun. . The 200-cole race took place after a 1/2-meter, high-elliptical oval exercise and when the temperature was consistently close to 100 degrees Fahrenheit – and the qualification was raised after further heating in cars and on the track.

“We weren’t checked here, the air cream was new, we didn’t have tires. A lot of big changes are happening, ”Dixon said. “You really have to open your mind and make sure everything you do really works. … Rokeji is really hard to find, lots of people who haven’t been here before. For seniors, I think the experience was definitely an advantage. “

The next red of the Indicar is in Indianapolis, not the 2 1/2-meter trail hosted on the Road Course and the Indy 500, which was returned to him after a historic memorial from last Saturday, August 23rd.

Among Dixon’s most active presenters, 47 wins and third on the career list is A.J. Fayette (67) and Mario Andretti (52). Dixon continued his own record, winning the race for the 16th time in a row and winning 18 seasons under Foyet.

“I feel very lucky and qualified to do what I do and try my best to be the best in the world. ”Again A.J. And Mario came on track, I think great. And the Ansnars, a lot of legendary sports. “

Limited Tuti opens and changes tire rules without testing during limited training with one of the fastest and most difficult tracks in the series. This is the debut of a new protective clear windscreen that will handle the pepper with the help of a titanium frame.

“Except for the difference I didn’t notice the screen. You can take it as a very good thing. I didn’t notice it,” Newgarden said. “She is OK. I mean, it felt like a normal Indica race to me. I didn’t notice a big difference compared to last year. Driving a car is different, but as long as the driver has experience, I don’t notice this item. “

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