In the midst of ongoing protests, EA Play Live 2020 has been delayed by a week

EA Play Live 2020 is underway across America and around the world due to ongoing protests. The agency took the news on Twitter for a new date, including EA’s statement on ongoing injustice.

Check out the tweet below:

“Important conversations are happening and important voices are being heard around the world at the moment, we are moving forward putting our time ahead to play together,” EA said. In the end, it was the right decision to delay the ceremony, because now the voices of those who speak for equality and justice are being heard.

This year’s EA Play Live is now on June 18, 2020, PDT / EDT will be broadcast on the company’s official website at 7pm.

Although the premiere of EA Play Live is set to begin soon, fans are speculating about what the company will showcase. However, at the time of writing, not much is known about this event and fans will have to experience all the surprises sitting with the announcement.

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Source: EA Twitter

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