In ID, 48-hour wife Sandra Garner was acquitted who was acquitted

Sandra Garner was charged with murdering her husband, John Garner. Peak Credit: 48 hours / YouTube

There are 48 hours on Mayparle ID in Texas to investigate a murder mystery involving the death of John Garner, who was shot in his home just before midnight on New Year’s Day in 201 ID.

The suspicion quickly fell on his wife, Sandra Garner, who was arrested a week after the murder and charged with murdering her husband.

The prosecution, however, could not prove beyond reasonable doubt that he was the killer, and a judge ordered his release in October 2019.

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On January 2, 2018, Sandra Garner called police at her home in Ellis County. Police found an authentic Sandra, who took them to a 42-year-old man who was critically injured in a single shooting.

Sandra Garner said the intruder killed her husband, John

Sandra explained to police that an intruder shot her husband before he could be considered a disgruntled employee. The intruder then forced Sandra to evacuate the 18,000 family.

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He then threatened her life and told her to hide before fleeing the scene.

Unfortunately for Sandra, investigators decided that the intruder was a figment of her imagination and they began to suspect her murder.

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Police have confiscated Sandra’s various electronic devices, and a search of Internet history has found that some people googled some of the most derogatory phrases, such as “how to sleep,” “1 step to kill someone and not get caught,” and ” Fentanyl. “

Investigators also recovered a .38 bull handgun from the scene, which was hidden in a paper towel between two plastic bags. Ballistic tests revealed that it was a killing weapon, and records show that Sandra owned a gun.

Despite this evidence against Sandra, he was acquitted and released. At one point in the trial, his defense team established his son as an interested person in the case. However, the murder of John Garner is still unresolved.

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The investigation is broadcast at 48 / 8c on ID for discovery.

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