Immortal Phoenix Rising was inspired by a killer Creed Odyssey bug

Any game that develops has a few bugs or glits to fix. This is the only part of the process during development. But some glitches and bugs are actually so unique that they inspire development studios for more other projects. This is adding a new feature to the game or even inspiring developers to further expand the bug with completely different video games. That being said, that’s exactly what happened to Ubisoft when they created Immortal Phoenix Rising.

If you are not familiar with the title, you may remember the original name given to the game All Gods and Monsters. Ubisoft’s compositions have several IPs and for a group of developers they have embarked on a journey according to Greek mythology. It first started with Assassin’s Cred Odyssey, the latest installment of the franchise though Assassin’s Cult Valhalla will soon take over the title with a hit in the marketplace in November this year. Still, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey was a huge video game and it took quite a big team to bring it to market.

Set in ancient Greece, players are mainly scattered with historical figures rather than Greek mythology, although the game has a tendency to offer some content related to traditional mythological animals or locations. However, Scott Phillips, the game director at Immortals Phoenix Rising, had a glitch when the protagonist boarded their ship. The entire crew on the ship had only one eye to make their cyclops.

“When we were developing Assassin’s Creed Odyssey I think for the first time for me, it was an indication that I could become the Immortal Phoenix Rising it was actually a bug. As a player, you were on your ship and the crew on your ship was usually human, but in this case all the people turned into cyclops, so you had a ship full of cycles. And that, for me, removes the feeling, ‘Hey, very beautiful. We have the full depth of the knowledge we have created about ancient Greek history, but we also have this myth. Little is possible that we can go much deeper into this myth. “

When the studio was about to fix the bug, Score Phillips had this problem while making notes in an interview with Gamerant. According to Scott, the team had all this knowledge from working on Assin’s Creed Odyssey about Greek mythology that they thought creating another game after further diving into the unique mythology would entertain the players as well as the studio. That is where the Immortal Phoenix Rising was born, a game where a single man is given the power of the gods and must free the country of all sorts of rogue enemies. Currently, players can expect Immortal Phoenix Rising on December 3, 2020 for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X / S.

Source: Gamerant

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