Immortal: Phoenix Rising release date leaked

Ubisoft has several video game IPs in development at the moment. Fans are eager to see what the company will bring next, but we know when their new IP will hit the market. A new leak has surfaced online and is starting to spread with the release date for Immortals: Phoenix Rising. From what it looks like, we can still expect this game to hit the market before 2021.

We will not blame you if you are not familiar with the name. It was recently announced that the Gods and Demons have changed the name of the Immortals: Phoenix Rising. It comes before Ubisoft Forward announces plans for the game. Due to the spread of the coronavirus health epidemic, various events and exposures planned for 2020 were canceled. As a result, we see more companies adopting the Internet and stream content for fans, including Ubisoft Holding Stream, known as Ubisoft Forward. We’ve got one of these streams so far but we know the next stream is planned for September 10, 2020.

This is where we get more information from Immortals: Other IPOs are being developed, including Phoenix Rising. We may even get announcements of some new video games that have not been featured before. However, it looks like the Microsoft Store has gone live for the game and the title will be published on December 320, 2020. Of course the page has been deleted so now it looks like the planned release date announcement is still planned for the upcoming Ubisoft forward.

We are also optimistic about what else could change after we finally see this IPT. The release date is appropriate if we are too close to the launch date for Immortal: Phoenix Rising it could be a bigger showcase for the game. For now, all we can do is unveil Ubisoft Forward this month.

Source: PC Gamer

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