I’m a marketer and I’m not leaving New York City

I now happily write from the studio apartment, even though it’s now my office. I left New York City temporarily for comfort in the Long Island suburb as part of the epidemic, but the experience of that distance reminded me of what magnetized New York’s advertising and marketing industry. This is why I chose not to leave.

The organization

Working in advertising in New York is like having colleagues everywhere. Whether you’re for a brand or an agency, a creative or a planner, we all speak the same buzzword and acronym – and we always stick with each other. These intimate meetings transcend your relationships beyond casual acquaintances. You’ll see them at a social party park in a month or two. You can’t recreate that magic online or in any other city.

New York can be thought of as rude and unacceptable but we know the difference between being nice and being polite know we say the same thing, we react strongly, but we pull the chair first to open up the problem with you. We may be workaholics, but we create great work, influencing a culture that outs impacts and when you create work that you are passionate about and you do it from a place of intense love, you must inevitably share some of the process with lifelong friends. Come back.


A playground for New York marketers. It is a participatory city and influential advertising relies on much more time experience and interactivity. New York Philharmonic is performing pop-up street concerts and stand-up comedians are climbing to the roof to perform socially distant shows.

Being in a city as diverse as your customer, it is a great benefit to experience and feel the experiences of all kinds of people around the world. In New York, you have the insights of life around you. After a mid-run at least once a week, I paused on my own tracks to listen to my conversation which informed me of what I was doing the next day.


The way New Yorkers showed up during the epidemic really reminded me of the attitude of the marketing community here. We first came to the market wearing masks and social distance, and created a few very cool-out ads and a national PSA to encourage this behavior. We all donated pots and jugs from our windows at the windows. Ed celebrated our frontline staff every day.

When reopening, we did it with unparalleled ingenuity and that characteristic NYC scrapness and resilience. We’re betting to see it launch new innovations around New York institutions like Broadway that are impossible to replicate anywhere else. I also expect it to be in advertising here because we see problems as opportunities and we are accustomed to strict love.

We all know someone who has a shirt that says “I do

So, I dare you. Give me a reason to leave. Because there is no Cowid-19 crisis.

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