/Idea: Apple allows the iPhone to have multiple instances

Idea: Apple allows the iPhone to have multiple instances

With the iPadS13, Apple introduced the ability for apps to get multiple instances. In other words, you may have multiple Safari windows open or have multiple notes, for example. This is an incredibly useful feature and has made the iPad a much more powerful computer. We think this will make the iPhone a much more powerful phone.

A decade ago, Palm launched the first version of WebOS with support for multiple cards. Each browser tab lived on its own separate card rather than one card tab. Safari’s tab view has been needed for years, and it’s the right way to solve the problem.

Two different proposals

Here’s what I’m proposing: Apple may offer two separate layouts for the app switcher on the iPhone, the first being the app’s table. All your Safari tabs stack on top of each other in multitasking and at the same time they will fan with an app for one tap that gives notes, reminders, multiple examples and you can switch between websites. You can close them just like any other application with quick swipe up.

An alternative layout can make each tab and each instance live on its own within the multitasking stack. This would be a great improvement for those who use a lot of web apps or who want to switch between multiple sites on the fly.

In Safari, tapping the tab icon can fan all the events as an application changer. Even better, it enables users to quickly swipe between swiped tabs in the home indicator, just like you can between apps.

This change will apply not only to Safari, but also to apps like Notes. You can work on two different notes and quickly swipe between them.

Labels reconfigured

With the introduction of multiple instances on the iPhone, Apple will have to reconfigure the way Apple labels appear on the switcher. Instead of adding each icon and name to the card, Apple can provide a dynamic label and icon in the center above the original card that changes as you swipe between them. Below this, an application can display relevant information to help you differentiate between examples.

We think this will be a huge improvement over iOS multitasking. What do you think about this idea? Let us know in the comments below!

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