I will never forgive the royal family of Brunei for the crime against this month

The Sultan of Brunei and his family have long had a bad reputation for ‘keeping all the good cars in warehouses around these parts, mostly on an island in the Pacific Ocean where they sit, wandering in the dark and dust. But it turns out that they have sinned even more. They made it.

Available for sale at DD Classic, a classic car dealer in London. It is a modified 1975 Mazareti Khamsin, the original owner of which has been modified beyond recognition by the Brunei royal family. At Barton, his car left the factory with a line cut by Marcelo Gandini. It had to be impressive when it came to working as a front-engine opponent in the contemporary monthly Borata and as a follower of the enthusiastic hibiscus of the first episode.

Naming the strong winds rising from the Sahara and carrying the desert dust in the Levantine sky (I am better known than this from my time in Israel), it was designed by Khemsin Alfieri. The 4.9-liter V8, which was moved deep behind the front bumper under that long hood, was pushed to the front by steering mechanics using some creative packaging support from Citroen, then-owner of Meseri.

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Behind most of the Khamsins (US-market cars aside) featuring a unique rear edge, the taillights floated on a plate of glass that was looking into the cargo area beneath the expanse of the glass filter. It’s a tempting figure, it’s our own Raphael Orlov imagining time and re-reasoning.

This car, however, does not feature the treatment behind that signature. Instead, it got some generic round taillights that made it look a lot like a C3 Corvette to my eyes. It’s a real shame, but the only tip of the iceberg is when it comes to the list of crimes committed with these innocent vehicles when ruthless members of Brunei’s ruling elite disbanded this innocent force.

Italian V8? Gone. Instead of a hold unit under the hood. The steering wheel? A de tomaso unit, fun enough. The wheels? You can find ads behind the automobile issue in your dentist’s waiting room. Color? Polster blue for some reason. And don’t get me started on the body kit. I don’t know what I can say about it that suits our blog’s family of visitors. But I don’t think I’m very surprised. The Sultan’s taste may be good at times but some of his more imaginative custom machines are rather that distinctive. I mean ugly as hell.

I will be truthful; When I first got over it, I realized what this car actually was before or. This is the last thing I remember before I woke up on the floor with dry blood on the side of my face

This right-hand-driven monthly Khamsin is listed on the DD Classics in London with a 1994 mile odometer and a price tag of £ 89,950. It’s a pre-facing car, but I don’t know if it’s so important considering what it’s made of. Although one can find some use for it and probably enjoy it more than the old Sultan.


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