‘I pray:’ The search area was expanded for 22-year-old swimmers who have not resurfaced on Lake Puuki.

Puuki Lake Search Mission

PUOKI – A search has begun for a 22-year-old man who went missing in Puuki Lake on Sunday, July 19, police said he never recovered while swimming on Saturday. First responders expanded their search area Sunday morning, but no sign of the man was found Sunday night.

More than 24 hours after their efforts began, crews focused on the north side of the lake on Sunday, with agencies stationed at a command center near Lakeview Boulevard and Woodland Drive.

At around 4pm on Saturday, police said they were called to the lake for a man missing in the water. Police said the 22-year-old was depressed and never recovered when three friends were swimming near their boat.

“It’s very difficult for them, given what … they were swimming with one and it happened quickly,” said Timothy Haier, chief of the Peugeot Police.

Kim Sibino

Pucca police and fire crews saturate the area throughout the weekend, including dive teams from the Waukesha County Sheriff. Police said they are searching the deep weeds at the bottom of the lake, challenging the mission by about a foot deep.

“My heart goes out to my family,” said Kim Sibino, who lives near Lake Puwiki. “Right now … I’m praying.”

Bill Smithers

The search closed Saturday evening and resumed Sunday morning at 1 p.m. Longtime resident Bill Smithers returned to the area on Sunday – hoping to get the best out of the worst.

“We had lunch here yesterday,” Smithers said. “I haven’t heard of drowning or drowning here in years. Too bad it’s been with this poor cast.”

About 12 hours later, the dive teams were pulled on Sunday evening. Fox 6 was told that a search and rescue boat would remain on the lake until about midnight – the divers were returning early Monday morning.

Puuki Lake Search Mission



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