/‘I hope we stay’: ECE drums are now open for spring classes

‘I hope we stay’: ECE drums are now open for spring classes

GREENVILLE, NC (WNCT) – We’re just four days away from the first day of spring at the University of East Carolina.

Students are already taking action. Many students returned to campus and expressed excitement and hope that they would be able to stay the whole semester. After only two weeks on campus in the fall, students say it’s best to come back.

Jaden Davis, a new ECU official, said: “I have seen most of my friends, the friends I have made here.

Many newcomers say they are looking forward to gaining a real experience in college.

“Just doing well at school and meeting new people,” Davis said.

Students aren’t just excited about spring classes. So are the parents.

ECU parent Karen Benton said she was “excited and happy,” “happy she got the chance to be on campus.”

Students need to test negative COVID-19 before admission. Res residential halls are limited to one person per room. Parents say these warnings allow students to spend a successful spring on campus.

“We both feel like they handled the situation really well,” Benton said. “We want everyone in East Carolina to have an amazing semester. This is the best time of your life. Use it properly. “

The first day of ECU class is Tuesday.