“I am his token black child”

In the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement, people are sharing their experiences with racism in the workplace. Cam Lester, a former employee of Jeffrey Star Cosmetics, complained that Jeffrey used him as a “token black kid” for his brand. She posted a long video on Instagram describing the experience of working for the beauty mogul and what is actually going on behind the scenes.

Complete denial: Although Cum appears to be extremely annoyed and annoyed, these allegations have yet to be confirmed by other employees who did not work for the brand Jeffrey himself.

Cum Lester Saeed Jeffrey Starr was not respectful towards the black staff

Kam was featured as a model in the Jeffrey Star Cosmetics campaign for “Magic Star” concealer and setting powder. These products were relaunched in April 2019. “” I thought he was somehow trying to send a message that I was replaceable as a black boy. “He said it was too much for the two of them to communicate at any time. Up and Upcoming Beauty Influencer mentioned that Jeffrey released a lot of black influencers on his PR list before he started his huge “conspiracy” collaboration with popular YouTuber and friend Shane Dawson. As a black influential person, it seemed very strange to him. Shane did not become friendly with Kam but he felt this way to silence him as a black man in the industry.

But one particular experience that made Kim feel uncomfortable was when Jeffrey asked him if he liked James Charles. Jeffrey and James have a notorious feud so it puts Cam in an odd position. James and Cum are good friends and he didn’t want to get stuck in the middle of their drama. Cam says he overheard a facetime conversation between Jeffrey and Shane where he called James a trash-talk before it was canceled by the internet and lost 3 million subscribers. It was a very different aspect of Shane when he was accustomed to seeing her.

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Cum encouraged Jeffrey to correct with the Black Beauty community

In the past, Beauty YouTuber Jackie Aina posted an open letter on social media detailing why she would not support Jeffrey or his brand. He said, “I will not and will not forgive his outspoken racist behavior – his past references to me are not in the case of derogatory words, nor is his use of n words or his attempt to eliminate caste spaces and opportunities.” This came before Jeffrey’s former hairstylist posted a screenshot of YouTuber using derogatory terms. Cam says he encouraged Jeffrey as a way to correct Jackie and to apologize for his past actions. For her, she saw it as a way to hold Jeffrey accountable and apologize to the black beauty community.

He recalled the conversation he had with Jeffrey and said that Jackie deserved no place on his platform. Cum I said, “I just gave it up, but I was definitely hurt as a black boy and a black influencer who loves Jackie that he didn’t do that disconnection or wrongdoing or trying to correct,” Cum said.

The thing that spread to Cam to make this video was the day before, he said a member of Jeffrey’s team had reached out to him. They asked him if he knew other black influencers would agree to support Jeffrey Star Cosmetics. To him, there was no answer because of the ongoing Black Lives Matter movement to fight racism.

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Jeffrey has not yet responded to the allegations, but knowing him, a video of it will most likely hit the horizon soon.


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