Hyperscape received its first update, the full set of patch note details

Hyperscape enters the Battle Royale scene of Ubisoft and it brings some good steam. Fans have been liking the OS game so much and it seems the developers have released their first update for the game!

This update is a more technical update because it does not fix any bugs, but includes changes to the gun, position and features in those veins. The developers have taken the details of the latest update to Reddy, which is quite huge in terms of changes.

If you’re playing hyperscape and want to know how the developers are balancing the game, you’ll want to check out the full set of patch notes!

Check out the full set of patch notes from Ryan, one of the hyperscape community developers below, as well as a short note from Ryan:

This patch does not include bug fixes, but please be aware we will update a status of known issues shortly.

This update can’t happen without the feedback we’ve collected from Hyperscape’s streamers, players and viewers. Thanks for allowing us to improve the game, so keep up the good content!

  • Patch size: 182Mb
  • Estimated deployment time: July 6 @ 5:30 pm PT // 8:30 pm ET
  • Estimated downtime: Up to 30 minutes



Hexfire (aka mini-gun, aka Brrr!) We were dealing with a much more influential / all-purpose role than signature in our own internal tests. If you add the convenience and firing durability of a large magazine, the time-to-kill (TTK) of the weapon is very fast. We want the gameplay to be varied and so Hexfire needs to be a less transparent choice versus other weapons.

We are reducing the overall damage output of the weapon, but for now without seriously changing its core behavior and comfort. We will continue to monitor this progress.

Detailed change:

  • Loss across fusion level decreased from 4/4/4/4/5 to 3/3/3/3/4
  • Relevant movements spread in hip-fire (running, sprint, and in-air states) have been extended somewhat to reinforce the difference with the ripper in terms of mobility. Im Down Site (ADS) accuracy unchanged.


The success of Skybreaker has broken our expectations. In our experiments the skybreaker was used as a slow but powerful / great weapon in context. We are pleased to see it being used in rapid airborne warfare, but we believe it is currently doing slightly more damage than other weapons.

Only the damage will be reduced, for the time being the behavior of the gun and the disease of the explosion are exceptional.

Detailed change:

  • Erosion reduction across fusion layers reduced from 40/46/52/58/64, 50/57/65/72/80


Salvo has been used extensively, and has raised many comments about its brutality inside the home. Although we like its accessibility, it has become much more than a short-range, fire and forgotten weapon. For now, the proximity explosion will not be corrected but we will reduce its damage somewhat.

Tiny erosion reduction is sufficient to prevent 4-hit kills in complete fusion.

Detailed change:

  • Loss across fusion level reduced from 25/25/25/25/31 to 22/22/22/22/28


Komodo has seen some use but we think it needs a bit more for an alternative to the Solvo or Ripper. We will adjust its loss based on Salvo’s new values.

Detailed change:

  • Losses across fusion levels increased from 20/20/20/20/25 to 22/22/22/22/28


Very few uses of D-tap have been observed in the early days of technical testing. The weapon’s auto-lock system works. However, we believe that its loss output is slightly lower to make it attractive enough, so we are increasing the fire rate in both hip-fire and ADS.

(Please note that D-Tap in ADS already has a + 15% faster RF and a lock range than hip-fire)

Detailed change:

  • Hip-fire fire rate + 10%
  • Fire rate in ADS + 10%



So far we have not had an influential presence of Armor Hack in our internal tests, which proves how effective this technical test has been with all of you. Armor has been used heavily in previous days and has given rise to a lot of discussion. We’ve seen players learn how to exploit their inherent weaknesses during attacks (you can’t shoot while in armor, you can’t use a hack, you can’t even break barricades with a mallet). However, Armor remains a tough hack that we are changing to become less powerful. While players have learned to use the Colddown “fusion-reset” double stack while wearing the crown (or it has also used the triple stack) it’s amazing but we can’t let players get 24-armor non-stop during the showdown. Thor 6

We’re not changing the behavior right now, but we’re modifying the clodown and duration to create more windows of opportunity when facing an armored competitor.

Detailed change:

  • The duration of the hack has been reduced from 8s to 6s
  • Cooldown across Fusion rose from 14/13/12/11/9s, to 12/11/10/9/7s


Dark Hedge Mode has shown more mine use than Crown Rush but we think it is still less used than other hacks. Mine is currently a bit slow to respond and tougher than we expected to hit players with it reliably.

The overall responsiveness of the mine will be improved: its trigger time will be shortened so that it is activated and starts to chase players sooner and the mine projectile acceleration will be further increased.

Detailed change:

  • The hack trigger timer duration drops from 1s down to 0.5
  • Projectile acceleration time has been strongly increased to reach full speed

Hyperscape is now available on the PC platform. Are you playing the epic Battle Royal genre Ubisofts? Let us know what you think of the game so far in the comments below!

Source: Reddit

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