How will the neighbors film at the Melbourne Lockdown?

With Melbourne, Australia’s second-largest city, returning to a six-week lockdown following the spread of the COVID-19 case, many have wondered what it means to shoot over long-running neighbors – especially Victoria-based soap operas.

Well, that sounds like good news for the cast, crew and fans as there are no plans to disrupt SAF production alone which in most cases can be filmed ineffectively; As well as being one of the first English-speaking productions in the world to get work back.

A statement from the production company Fremantle Australia The Huffington Post, which hosted the event, said: “Neighbors will continue its current production model as Victoria introduces the first three restrictions. The strict health and safety measures we have adhered to over the past 11 weeks will be maintained, ensuring the well-being of our cast and crew. “ The UK broadcaster has reached out to Channel 5, who have confirmed that it is “full steam ahead” for the production of the show.

The show has created innovative ways not only to keep the show in the air but also to ensure that the cast and crew are safe from infection. There are some groups that set the camera techniques apart and play a role in making certain filming angles less socially obvious.

Speaking about the move to resume filming in April, Fremantle said: “There will be no more than 100 people a day in an area. We will implement the four-square-meter rule and the one-by-one-meter social distance rule.” Only the group that has to go home when the other two can continue to work.

The lockdown has affected other soaps around the world, with both Holiox and EastEnders taking a break when the cast and crew return to work on the new episode film.

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