How to watch Steven Universe online: Shake up free hit cartoons for free

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Perfect new obsession for fancy animated series lovers like Steven Universe Adventure Time and Rick and Morty. In fact, the creator of the show – Rebecca Sugar – worked as a writer and storyboard artist in Adventure Time before her series got the green light on Shiva from the cartoon network. Named after the character named Steven Universe of Sugar, the half-human boy who is known as the Crystal Gem is growing up in a family of magical, humanoid aliens. Throughout the show’s five seasons, Steven continues to do all sorts of anxious and dangerous adventures with his friends to help Ratna save the world from their species. Innovative and clever, the animated series received rave reviews from critics and viewers alike. Here’s how to view Steven Universe online.

Created by: Rebecca Sugar
Cast: Jack Collison, Estelle, Michelle Diets, Didi Magno Hall
Number of Asons Tur: 5

See Hulu for free

How to watch Steven Universe online in the United States

Hulu puts the first four seasons of Steven Universe on his platform. To stream the favorite animated series, simply sign up for their monthly subscription plan and get the first 30 days free with their month-long free trial period. Once the trial is over, you can cancel for free or continue with a monthly payment of of 6 for full access to Steven Universe and other popular shows and movies at Hulu’s extensive content library. Hulu also offers an alternative plan at 12 12 per month that does not include any advertising barriers during streaming. Whichever plan you choose, the first four seasons of Steven Universe are available for streaming on all Hulu and lined ued

If you want access to five seasons of online shows, try HBO Max. The streaming service offers a free one-day free trial time before paying $ 15 per month for access to Steven Universe and the box in his streaming library. For those who don’t want to invest in a monthly subscription and want to avoid the fees, you can watch the first four seasons of the animated show in Hulu during their month-long free trial period and then use HBO Max for the fifth and final viewing season during their weekly free trial period. It would take a lot of divisive willpower, but Steven Universe is addictive in just 12 minutes of each episode and is short enough for that.

Finally, Amazon Prime Video has all the asons and episodes of Steven Universe for personal purchase. But be careful: they have divided the episodes into seven parts instead of five asons. Prices are -3 3 per episode 1-3 of the piece and 25 25 per season. Volume 4-6 3 for each episode. And spends 20 20 per season while the same for Episode 7 for Volume 7 but 19 19 for the entire season.

The animated series has been nominated for five Emmy Awards and has even won a great media award for its portrayal of LGBTQ characters. After you finish bipartisanship in five seasons, you can continue with his equally acclaimed episode series, Steven Universe Future, which recently aired in 2020.

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