How To Use iPhone Home Screen Widgets In iOS 14

One of the biggest updates to come with iOS 14 is the experience of a new home screen. This marked the biggest UI change since it was first added to iOS. Follow how to use iPhone home screen widgets in iOS 14.

Gone are the days when the iPhone’s home screen score was limited to a basic grid of apps and app folders. IOS 14 brings a whole new look and feel to the UI with home screen widgets that can be customized in size / shape to give some great functionality. The idea that Microsoft used this customizable grid-style with Windows Phone and Google with Android a decade ago is not new. Still, Apple has created a clean and sharp look and feel with a neat “smart stack” option through iOS and through home screen widgets.

IOS 14 is now available. Go to Settings> General> Software Update to see if it is ready to be installed on your device (be sure to back up your device first).

How To Use iPhone Home Screen Widgets In iOS 14

  1. Your iPhone is running iOS 14 Long pressure Your home screen Free space until your apps start wiggling (or long-press an app> Edit Home Screen)
  2. Tap Icon In the upper left corner
  3. Now you will see the available widgets
  4. Tap one, choose a size, Tap Add widget This is to keep it on your home screen
  5. You can restore your widget by dragging it around
  6. Tap Done Top right to set your widget
  7. You can create your own smart stack widget by dragging the same size (up to 10) on top of each other

The new widgets are available on the iPad with the iPadS14 but they are limited to the Tudu View sidebar, with the iPhone you can use them on your home and secondary / third party app screens.

Here’s how these steps look:

Smart Stacks is a neat widget option that automatically cycles through various widgets “to display the most relevant information throughout the day”. You can manually swipe through the various options of the smart stack at any time of your choice.

For each widget, you can choose between different sizes (displayed above and below):

Apple’s new weather apps and widgets on iOS 14 provide real-time rainfall and fatal weather tracking that makes for a great experience.

Third party developers are releasing widgets that will make this big update more effective as they allow users to further fine-tune their iOS screens. And don’t forget that you can maximize your widgets by stacking up to 10 of the same size on top of each other.

What do you think about home screen widgets on iPhone? Are you interested in using big UI updates? Let us know in the comments below!

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