How to prevent strangers on Apple TV from connecting to your AirPlay?

Airplay is a feature of Apple for streaming content from your iPhone, iPad or Mac to your TV or screen mirror. You can use AirPlay in the top boxes of your Apple TV or with compatible smart TVs like Samsung or LG. But the frustration of many is that by default, anyone close can join Airplay. This can be very frustrating if you live in a densely populated area such as a residential area.

Airplay default options allow anyone in your Wi-Fi hotspot to watch your Apple TV and try Airplay. If you’re trying to sit down and enjoy some TV, interrupting by airplay dialogs is the least annoying.

You can prevent this from happening in the Apple TV settings app.

How do I stop airplaying someone on my Apple TV?

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Select AirPlay և HomeKit.
  • Select Allow access.
  • Change the setting from “All” to “All on the same network”.

This means that the AirPlay version will only be available to people whose devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network as Apple TV, which prevents people from connecting to nearby homes. This will prevent windows with the requested pin code from appearing side by side.

Of course, this also means that any guest who comes and visits must have AirPlay Wi-Fi. If you set up HomeKit on your Apple TV, more limited editions will be available. The “Only people who share in this home” setting means that AirPlay is only available to people in the neighborhood পোস্ট posted as users in that home app. This can be effective if you don’t want guests to be able to use AirPlay but want to allow them to use Wi-Fi.

This setting applies to all Apple TV և HomeKit speakers in your home. If the “Allow nearby broadcast” settings are visible on your screen, you can customize each device on your Apple TV. This setting must be turned off if you do not try to join. (This paragraph is valid if your Apple TV is connected to HomeKit).

For added security, you can also request a password for AirPlay device requests.

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