How To Find Red Dead Redemption 2 Best Horses

Horses are important for liberation from Red Death 2. Arthur Morgan not only has to deal with his horses, but they can provide some relief and treatment. They also serve a very practical purpose: they allow you to navigate the vast open world. You can ride a horse for mission purposes, shoot enemies on horseback and run towards some trees with your friend. While we all love our horse buddies, some RDR2s do better than others. Here’s how to find the best horses in the game

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The keys are being opened

You need to unlock the keys to buy a horse. This is done after finishing the exit in the second chapter with a broken mission. After you finish your work you will have various options related to horses. This includes the ability to customize your driver, buy more horses and buy any rules to keep your horse healthy. As you grow across RDR2, it’s often a good idea to look at the keys to make sure the horse is safe.

You can sell horses anywhere, which is a great way to make money. While many do not have unusual selling prices, these are easy to wrap up and make a few extra bucks. So, if you are bound for cash, consider selling wild horses.

Four horses

There are 19 horse breeds in the RDR2, but out of sight, you just have to focus on managing. You will come across four different types of horses throughout your adventure.

  • Regular management Typically, these are horses with average figures, but prices and performance vary greatly. In most cases, regular handling is tough around horses.
  • Ethnic treatment As the name suggests, these are fast-growing horses. They wear out quickly and are more at risk of destruction. Cheap price tags do not often deceive you. Horse racing looks great, but we think they are the worst part of the game because of the extraordinary stats.
  • Heavy handling The kind of horse you see when pulling platform tours and caravans. Heavy horses are naturally brave, move slowly but can do more damage. They are skilled but they can be annoying when they want to get around the world fast.
  • Elite management The best horse in the game. They have great energy and health meters, which makes them fast and strong. Elite handling horses sometimes cost a lot of money for you.

Each horse has a level of speed and acceleration that can be improved to a certain level and health and strength when you manage it. The key to focusing on handling.

Honestly, it’s hard to recommend spending money on horses or heavy horses (unless you’re deeply involved with money). Your horse is endless. (He never reached out to us within 60 hours of reviewing the game) And riding a horse can be a burden if you don’t have the encouragement to ride. Start with a standard horse and soon you will be replaced by another regular horse. We then recommend sticking the panel until you get a quality upgrade, which is a high-end.

That is, if you are struggling with horse handling (you run into regular things), you may want to try a serious handling horse. You can easily try it before stealing a stackcock. And if you develop the habit of being scary, you may want to look for race horses to be faster. We think it’s a fair game from regular to high jump in general use.

Buy yourself an Elite Treating Horse

The best bet for finding a great horse is a stable trip nearby. You can find stops in almost every city represented by the horse helmet icon. In our experience, the bigger the city, the better the chances of getting a better horse. This means that industrial cities like St. Denis usually have better horses than Rhodes or Valentine. It is important to note that the stock will rotate after two game days in case of a limited number of horses.

Therefore, you should basically continue to check back. Horses for elite handling cost an average of $ 1000 dollars or more, but that doesn’t seem to be the case in RDR2 anytime soon.

The original horse

You can own many horses at any one time, but only one big horse. You can control your level by placing your saddle on it. If your horse dies or you find someone else using it, put your saddle on the new horse as the primary announcer. It will appear on your map like a horse’s scissors.

You can smell wild horses

Your adventures often come wild in small events in. Instead of paying a thousand dollars or more you can become lucky and get professional handling horses. It is not uncommon for this to happen to naked horses during your ride. To see horse figures, keep your bells and whistles away. Press R1 / RB to study the horse and press again to display the wires. You will see the statistics of the surroundings as you see them.

But beware of wild horses. You don’t know if you make too much noise or know too soon. It is wise to install the triangle even if you have tied / u. Once you get on the wild horse it takes a few seconds to stop the obstacle. Then, you can put your saddle in it or run a store to sell or store.

You can also steal horses with other riders, but you can’t put gin on them later. Instead, you need to make it your own to make it your own.

Do not change the horse often

As we said before, the bond between Arthur and his horse is a real thing that makes a real difference in a game. The only way to connect it is to walk regularly. By connecting, your horse’s health and strength will increase. There may be a new common horse better than the real horse through the bond. So just remember that when you see a new horse that catches your eye.

Set up the load for better performance

Horses, even classics can be improved by fitting a tank well. You can buy six different types of tickets in the stats, three of which have significant gameplay enhancements. Make sure you bring your horse to a stable position, otherwise the tank menu is not accessible.

  • saddles Buying better genes increases horse strength and maternal brain growth while resolving brain flow. Choose the “extended” option when buying a saddle rack for the best statue.
  • Siddalgas Includes storage of clothing, hats and masks.
  • Obstacle Increases horse speed and speed. See the actual stats of your horse. Meter symbols can be better filled by buying arrows.

Horns, blankets and bedding are just cosmetics, but hey, your horse is valuable, isn’t it?

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