How to create memoji on Mac with Max Big Tune

Apple introduced its Memoji custom avatars in 2018 along with iPhone X and iOS 12. Now with Max Big Tune you can take advantage of them on your Mac and enjoy all the available memoji stickers. Read How to Edit, Duplicate, Delete, and Use Memozies for Mac with Big Tune.

Whether you’re new to Memoji, haven’t used them for a while, or use them frequently on iPhones and iPads, Macs for Mac are a great way to easily create, edit, and use them. For one thing, it makes it even easier to see all the details about your memo when creating a Mac.

Along with being able to create and use memos on Mac, Big Tune syncs all your memos with iCloud so you can use them on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Mac.

How to create memos on Mac with Big Tune

  1. Open Message on your Mac (make sure you’re updated to MacOS Big Tune)
  2. Choose a convo and next to the text field below, click the application button (“a” icon)
  3. Choose memoji stickers
  4. If you’ve created memos before, you’ll see them at the front of the list (if you’re signed in to your Mac using the same iCloud account as your iPhone / iPad / iPod)
  5. Click the blue icon next to the memo to edit, duplicate, delete or create a new one
  6. If you do not have an existing memo, select an animo
  7. Now click the blue + icon in the left corner to create a new memo
  8. When you’re done creating your new memo, click “Done” in the bottom right corner

Using Memoji Stickers with MacOS Big Tune

  1. Click on a memo sticker to send to someone by pressing Enter like normal text / image / etc.
  2. To retrieve future Mac memos, click the Application button next to the text field> Memos sticker

Here’s how the process looks:

Choose memoji stickers now:

Now you can create a new memo from an existing memo or animoji:

To dial in your memo, check all the customization options in the left sidebar and click “Done” at the bottom right when you’re done.

There are currently 36 memoji stickers to choose from, so be sure to scroll down to see them. When you’re ready to share, click one and then press Enter on your Mac’s keyboard:

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