/How to change the privacy settings of iPhone: 9 tips from Apple

How to change the privacy settings of iPhone: 9 tips from Apple

Apple’s Tips app has been on iOS for some time, and the company has been constantly updating it with new content over the years. A new collection of privacy tips has now been added to Apple’s recommendations to change the iPhone’s privacy settings.

Apple has paid more attention to privacy than in recent months. These include new resources to ensure your privacy on Apple devices, setting its new ad tracking privacy features soon, the introduction of iOS app privacy labels, new privacy ads and even Google monitoring.

We’ve covered many of these privacy / security aspects with a detailed guide:

Apple’s Tips app contains a new collection with 9 tips on “taking control of your data” and how to change your iPhone’s privacy settings (iPad too). You probably know a few or even most of it, but you might learn something new, and it’s always good to review privacy / security.

Change iPhone privacy settings: 9 tips from Apple

  • If you don’t have Apple’s Tips app, you can download it for free from the App Store (also works on iPad)
  • You’ll see a notification about the new privacy collection, but if you can’t, open the app
  • Swipe a bit to find out Privacy
  • Here are 9 tips: sign in with Apple, generate passwords automatically with iOS, check password protection suggestions, understand when apps are using your camera / mic, hide message previews, how to share approximate location, from your library Hide photos, use private browsing, and check Safari privacy reports

Here are some of them:

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