How to change slack fonts on Mac, PC and web

Want to switch things to slacks with a personalized font or have some fun with different options? Follow the simple commands to change slack fonts.

As shared on Twitter today by Jack Giltsoff / Scott Kelam (via The Verge), Slack’s app has a fun little Easter egg that lets you change the font across all your channels and workspaces.

The option is temporary and is reset when the app is closed. It does not currently work on the iOS app. But you can make it fun on your Mac or PC Slack app or web version.

The change is only visible to you and seems to work with any local font. If you want some inspiration, you can always open the Mac’s Font Book app or, of course, search the web.

How to change slack font

  1. In any channel or direct message, type “/ slackfont” followed by the name of a font (eg / slackfont helvetica).
  2. Here it is:)
  3. You can return to default by simply using “/ slackfont” or by closing and restarting the application

More info: Does it look like an unregistered Easter egg?

‘/SlackFont’ will automatically reset it (or you can restart the application)

Application sessions do not seem to be possible

Applies to all your workspaces

Appears only for you

Seems to work with any local font

V fun

– Jack ☻ (@Jackgiltsoff) September 11, 2020

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