How Tie Dieter breaks the puzzle into pieces, leaving Miami frustrated with the defeat.

Editor’s comment: The latest in a series by T. Deitmar.

“The BIU has almost no chance of upsetting this team (Miami) as the Swiss Vatican Guard to beat the US Marines has beautiful uniforms, no ammunition. You see, in Miami you have no way to disappoint this team. “- Dani Sheridan, USA Today / CNN.

Provo – When the Cavid-19 epidemic hit, my editor asked every sports staff at Deseret News to write a song about one of the best games in their careers. I’ve seen a lot, but this defeat at the hands of BYU is at the top in Miami. I sold the idea that puzzle collectors that night could work multiple thought-provoking stories.

When I picked up my research it was easy to see that the five installments we spent could be two or three times as much. Some questions, but I disagree. You have more than 200 people who were part of this game on the field, side and cabin. They all have stories of being warriors.

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  • BYuT Tybeck Ty Detmer fled Shane Curry to Miami on September 8, 1990 to launch the first Cougar attack in Myanmar.

    Tom Smart, Desaret News Archive

  • BYU’s Tie Detmar ran against Miami in 1990. The Cougars defeated the highest-ranked hurricane 26-21 on September 6, 1990 at the then Cougar Stadium.

    Ravel Call, Desert News Archive

  • Tie Detmar will pass at the opening of BYU’s home in 1990, as opposed to the 71 in Miami.

    Kindly compete with BYU Athletics

BIU’s win over Miami in Miami in September 1990 resulted in a tie-up for the Heitman Trophy campaign that did nothing else.

He gave legitimacy to a defender who threw for the fifth most yards in all-time high school (8,005 yards). He insisted he was a serious candidate for America and Heisman, who entered the game in Miami, threw 699 yards and 46 touchdowns in 25 college games and was playing his second game of the season as a junior.

Prior to this game, Detmar had a touchdown against 387 yards and UTEP (71% completion). In contrast to Miami, he had 40 y yards and two sensors (% 0%) and a week after Miami he fired 448 yards and five touchdowns (4%) in Washington.

So, in a sense, Dietmar’s performance against the defense of the national champions and Defense 71 against Defense-11 every year was a routine production for him. He was very good.

It returned the Highman Trophy award a few months later and Davy O’Brien as the best college footballer in the country. He became the first teammate to cross 15,000 yards and more than 121 touchdowns.

Reflecting on what the game means, Detmar, 53, believes that his candidacy has gone beyond the realm of reality as a result of BWA’s win over Miami.

“Some of the BIU defenders who preceded me did not beat Heisman. You know, Jim McMahon, Steve Young or Robbie Bosco, because sometimes people doubted BYU’s schedule and some of it.

“The argument that they (Miami) got a chance to kill took that distance away from me, they beat them while they were in football college in Alabama. So, he really opened the door for the rest of the year. (People will say) “He did it against Miami” instead of “He can’t do it against Miami.” “

Okay, he did.

“As a teammate, I absolutely loved playing with Time Dieter,” said midfielder Matt Bellini, a reflection of Miami and Dietmar’s abilities that night.

“He took orders.” He knows very well what everyone on the field does and what everyone does. He held everyone accountable. He did it somehow – and it could be done badly by people, if understood – but he would go to you, but the kind of person you respected was his.

“He left them when he made a mistake, but he also held you accountable. The funny thing about him as a defender is that you don’t know where the ball is going. So you will have five people in each game, and with other discounts in other years you can be sure that option-1 will take the ball and option 2 will get the ball so you can take it if you need a little break.

Bellini added, “But the tie didn’t play that way.” “We will play 15 times in a row in the same game and you will not see the ball and suddenly you will see it three times in a row and I think it has become difficult for you. You never knew where the ball was going and it forced us to work harder. He is a very competitive person and has a lot of fun being around. I don’t think people understand how much fun it is to be around people who are so much different than the public. “

Receiver Andy Boyce agrees. Over the years, he, Bellini, Eric Drug and Detmar chatted, played golf. It’s interesting to him that what they once knew about each other was football and when they met, they all went back to BIU. But now they have children and grandchildren, a life full of ideas and opinions about politics, finance, business and a range of experiences they never discussed in the 1990s.

“Conversing with old teammates, getting to know them in depth, something you’ve never done before being fun, games and funny,” Boyce said. “That’s great.”

Bates says one thing that has never changed with Dietmar is his competitive consciousness, which he said is a deadly force of his nature.

In FYR’s first push, Deterrer led a 60-yard kick, but it looks like they stopped the Cougars in Miami to take the 14th Deterrer out of his pocket. But Dieter Shane Curry escaped from prison. He then got up from the collision with Russell Maryland and started the journey and ran to the sidelines. Both Maryland and Curry had faces on the grass.

With a full maneuver, the detector never had to look down from the landing area, where the five receiver routes adjusted. He knew exactly where everyone was and when he was pulling the line he picked up a soft, feathery touch on Bellini’s arm above Ryan McNeil’s head in the corner. It tied seven scores.

Miami took a 14-10 lead at 1:42 left in the first half as the Quaggers spread throughout the gear of Detmar’s competitive nature after the release.

This is the time when a crime can stop with a crack. Instead, Cougars fell within a two-minute foul in front of a stunned ESPN audience and 300 sports writers and sports personalities in the media, with Deter completing seven straight passes. Miami’s defense seemed confused and fragmented, not knowing how to protect the BYU recipient from looking for stitches on their cover, and Detmar moved comfortably to Ili.

Such a movement of counter-crime was foreign to the hurricane. No one in Notre Dame or Alabama did last year. Dietmar took the Cougars to the 2-yard line, where he made the boys TD and 1 17-1. Its leadership sees a quick exit.

There was a kind of board for talking between the crowded and the crowded stadium. But what he did was make a statement. Miami got into trouble, BYU receivers got scars, Detmar was hot and they had no answers.

The Miami defense allowed only 270 yards last year, but BYU earned 332 yards in the first 30 minutes of play. In the second quarter alone, Detmar covered 200 yards.

It was a game that determined Deter. The second half was more than that.

Miami had no idea and in the game of inertia, BYU would not give it back.

The Hurricanes weren’t easy, but when BYU’s defense was raised and stopped Stephen McGuire from attempting to take a fourth drop in the fourth quarter, this relentless effort moved the Cougars off the bench. McGuire never reached the line of trouble when Rocky Beagle and Rich Kaufusi jumped on him. If Miami had occupied, they could have controlled the game.

The last 21-20 win was near BWI midfield and Detmar translated the offense into goal position. From the winner of the game, Denver Post columnist Dick Connor writes: “A freezer frame must be blown up and placed on the wall of the locker room. He will feature Miami defenders Kip Vickers, Shane Curry, Jesse Armstad and Eric Miller. Meanwhile, seven yards up in the last zone, Mike Salido got the winning shot. And standing above the flat square, Deter applauded.

“When the game started, Salido was even younger. Until Deter was wandering around, tossing one after the other, waiting for someone to open up and finally finding Salido he was a senior.

Dietmar pumped, threw the ball, ran, pumped again, spun, Vixar and Curry left the game during the collision, and then saw Salido hiding from the last zone. “

The BIU went for the two again, Deter threw himself to the end and went over the knees of defender Daryl Williams to Boyce, he could do nothing but chop the grass.

Game over.

Tonight, Deter was a little Houdini. His team also followed suit. BYU defenders play their lives.

A year later, BYU offensive coordinator Norm Chow is now talking to national champion LSU coach Ed Oregon. Arjern was the coach of the Miami defensive line that night. He told Chowk that at halftime he and other Miami defense coaches went to Tommy Tuberville head coach Dennis Erickson and told him, “We have no idea about Detmar and how to stop this crime.”

“I laughed when we talked about that night and this game,” Chow said.

“I’ve seen a lot of pedestrians, but I’ve never seen this man like him. He reads defenses like I’ve never seen at such a young age. I have never seen a person go to a second receiver at a younger age than him. And I’ve never seen him go to the right receiver at the right time. “- Former Georgia head coach Vince Dolly

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