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One of the last years of this great new series was Rami, the creator / star of Rami Yusuf based his life as part of a Muslim-Muslim family in New Jersey. By the time Rami was successful, the Hulu movie – which was the first family-centric television show on TV – had not been a hit until the Golden Globe in January. Yusuf was the unexpected winner of Best Actor in a Television or TV Series that night, surpassing big names like Michael Douglas (from Netflix’s Kominsky method) and Bill Header (from HBO). Barry).

The audience was stunned, but the comedians rushed to cheers. “Look, I know you haven’t seen my movie,” Joseph said with a laugh. “What does everyone look like, is this the author?” Looking back on his big win five months later, Joseph told Adwick, “I think it’s a rejection of the mood, because a lot of people start looking at it later.”

Now many are watching Rady after the release of Season 2, a Sufi director starring two-time Oscar winner Mahershala Ali, who directly assisted Yusuf’s television adaptation. Disrupts his mother’s efforts, setting a new timeline to surprise viewers. American citizens.

Youssef’s unexpected delivery skills were also taken into consideration in last year’s HBO Standup Special, which joked about hot-button content such as #MeToo, 9/11 and last year’s New Zealand mosque launch. She talks to Adwick about her creativity, changing expectations and how she can incorporate transition into her plays.

Examples: Casey Bardet, Trent Joaquin; Old photo: Rami Yusuf

(Editor’s note: This interview was conducted before the death of unarmed black man George Floyd in Minneapolis police custody before the nationwide protests.) Joseph encouraged his followers on social media to contribute to community fundraising and other social justice initiatives.

Adwick: You haven’t even made a TV show before Rami, so what do you think you can pull it off?
Yusuf: I moved to L.A. in 2012 and sat next to my family sitting next to Nick on Night (music track department). I like it a lot but I also know that I can’t just cross the country to do it. I was, I want to see how I can put the true Muslim character on-screen, with it I can identify.

This is every small step. I’ve been in the staff for about 15 years, learning how to edit video, I bought my camera and I did it all. It usually seems like you try to make open mic jokes and three years later you say the same things in a big place in front of thousands of people. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. It’s scary how much it can be measured if it’s clear what you want.

Much has been made, precisely, about how Rami composed the first screenplay, centered on a Muslim family, but perhaps the film’s greatest claim lies in its values, its period, about its 20s character.
He was satisfied – we didn’t say the quality part as well as the voice (for action). I’m not going to say I have a super plan, but I know I think it’s a thing. It’s not what we brought up, but I remember having a clear conversation with Jarrod (Carmichael, Rami’s production director) I want to see the relationship I had with God when I was there. I don’t want him to be arrogant, I don’t want him to be an angel, I don’t want cartoonists – I really think he’s right and I want to do it.

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