How Robin Williams reacted when a full audience of troops was away from him

Robin Williams was a national treasure. He was a talented entertainer who made us all laugh. Good morning, the Vietnamese star traveled abroad to entertain American troops. A remarkable video clip of one of these performances shows us how talented the late comedian was and how much the soldiers enjoyed him.

He had a wide range of performances which he is dear to all of us. Six years have passed since he took his own life. However, his movies are live. As serious as he was about the Dead Poet Society and the role of Good Will Hunting, he will be best remembered for his jokes and stand out in the routine.

None of us could laugh like Robin Williams!

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The soldiers suddenly turned their backs on Robin Williams

In 2004, the Academy Award winner traveled with the USO to entertain service members stationed at the Arifan Camp in Kuwait. Something in the crowd that happened, and Williams probably never forgot!

The comedian told the Army there that he had recently come out of rehabilitation, “I’m violating my standards faster than I can reduce,” Williams told the laughing audience. However, what happened next really caught his attention.

Everyone and I would like to say that he suddenly turned from smiling to Williams when the music started playing.

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The comedian wasn’t sure what was going on, but he was inspired to open his hat and clap his hands.

Williams stood silently but he was confused. Were they ignoring him? Were they all supposed to attack?

As the music fades, bright comedy performs:

“I’ve never been able to reach the whole audience, forget you!”

Williams then played a face of his own in humorous despair.

Once the audience was all ahead and busy, he asked them what had happened. That is when Robin Williams learned about “Retreat”

The “retreat” tradition is typically when the flag is lowered and secured. As it happens, military members pay homage to the flag and take some time to do so.

So basically Robin Williams was overwhelmed by the American flag!

Improv Robin Williams was a genius

This special video shows what a great actor Robin Williams was. He didn’t know why he was suddenly ignored but he knew to be calm and respectful.

After everyone confronted him again, he immediately changed his comedian to include what had just happened. This late great was definitely fast on his feet.

If you are a Robin Williams fan then enjoy the video below.

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Williams learned that the retreat signaled the end of Customs Day and a sign of respect.

At the first sound of the retreat bugle call, all employees outside should stop and face the flag, or when not visible, play music from that direction. And, that is what he witnessed!

The support of Williams to our troops was both honorable and memorable. He went halfway around the world to entertain them and he gave them a show they will never forget!

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