How many episodes will there be in Lucifer 5 season?

Satan It may end (though we thought it wasn’t too soon) but it’s a hell of a motivator! On July 26, Netflix announced that the fifth season of the series had been extended; Instead of the previously published 10 episodes, season five will end with 16 episodes. Although it doesn’t make it to the final season of the supernatural crime drama on Fox – which ends with 2 episodes – fans have six more hours to enjoy the crime-solving fun of Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis) and LAPD detective Chloe Decker (Lauren) in Germany). . Who would not want more than this?

The series was originally aired on Fox but was canceled in May 2018 after three seasons. Voices from fans encouraged Netflix to roll out the fourth season next month, then renew it for the fifth season in June 2019 and then renew it for the sixth season on June 23rd, “Final, Final” This will bring the series to a total of 77 episodes. Will create Satan One of the most ongoing Netflix core series, recently finished Orange is the new black (Episode 91) and House of cards (Episode 73).

The first half of the fifth season will premiere on August 21, the second half will be reduced to an currently undeclared date. See you in hell, Lucifans!

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