Honda Android Auto is being added to the range of gold wing motorcycles

Honda is integrating the motorcycle with the current Golden Wing motorcycle. Riders with smart phones running Android 5.0 or later can enjoy additional costs such as music, phone calls and messaging.

However, when using the Golden Wing bike, you will need a separate Bluetooth headset to use Android Auto.

The update is expected to make Japanese models Android Auto and Apple CarPlay available on future models. It is scheduled for mid-2020.

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Gold Wing has been a motorcycle racer for more than four decades. In May 2017, when the new variant was announced in North America, the Apple CarPlay integration became the world’s first motorcycle. With Android Auto you will now get simple UI and easy to use voice functions. The system is designed to reduce distortion so that drivers can focus on the road.

“Android Auto makes it easy to access popular music, media and messaging apps while on the bike. With Google Assistant on Android Auto, drivers can stay connected, relax and have fun by focusing on the road and their hands in their daily lives.

The voice software you are using on both wheels is important to use even voice commands. Also, displaying the motion bar is enough for easy scrolling, although we don’t recommend looking at it too much when you’re on the go.

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