Homekit Weekly Why Homekit Protected Videos are so important for smart home privacy

UFC Cam2 2 After reviewing NetMatore’s cameras, I received several emails asking why I was so interested in HomeKit Secure Video / when it was slowly released, instead of responding individually to each person I thought why HomeKit Secure Video is important, and why I It’s good to write about why this seems to be a core part of the homekit experience. You should consider long-term protection before investing in a home camera platform.

Homekit Weekly The series focuses on smart home accessories, automation tips and strategies and everything related to Apple’s smart home applications.

What is HomeKit Safe Video?

The HomeKit Secure video was announced at WWDC 2019. Known as a privacy pledge, Apple has allowed HomeKit to create cameras to support iCloud storage for video storage / playback. To support one camera it needs a 200 GB iCloud storage program and a 2 TB storage plan to support five cameras. You need to have a home node that everyone can work with. You can use the homepod, Apple TV or iPad as the main node.

By storing your camera recordings on iCloud, you can be sure that you will only have access to them. In my house we have a UFC camera on the outside and a netmo camera on the inside. All of these cameras are compatible with HomeKit Secure video.

Although I have never installed a camera in the living room, I think I have to acquire all the camera footage. If you use an organization that keeps all your employees in the cloud, how do you make sure no one is logged in? Only those who have completed the encryption can give you peace of mind. As we saw in 2019, Ring had to shoot at workers who inadvertently entered in front of the camera. “

According to The Intercept, Ring’s engineers and executives have received “very convenient access” to live streaming from customer devices. This includes doorbells in front of the outside world as well as cameras inside the person’s home. A team that filmed the video to help identify “people kissing, shooting and stealing weapons” [Update: According to Ring, the footnote is only available on “publicly used video clips”]. U.S. employees have access to a special video port for technical support, which, according to the data, allows “filtered, hourly live streams on some customers’ cameras.” It’s amazing how this support tool isn’t limited to employees dealing with customers.

The ring challenged some of the claims but the damage fell on my eyes. I will only allow my home cameras to use the final encryption. I don’t expect companies to have high security and customer surveillance cameras. I recommend that the system should be designed in such a way that their clients do not need high protection to shoot the camera, as they do not even have access to it. HomeKit Secure Video Home Video for sending iMessage messages. It is safe from the ground and this should be the expectation of all customers.

Why Homekit is a safe video!

As our world becomes more connected, it is more important to consider protecting your data from the outset. In decades, there will be no more homes against smart homes. All homes will be smart homes. Starting with a secure foundation, customers will know that they can get all the benefits of modern conveniences, but knowing their privacy is still unhealthy.

If you are considering installing a device in your home that you can hear or see, consider the companies that make those products. What are their business models? What is a trace of customer privacy? Is privacy based on the value of a company? In my experience, the only major technology company that cares deeply about your privacy is Apple, which is why I believe that HomeKit Secure Video is a key part of the smart home experience.

Here are some of the cameras that support homekit protected video right now.

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